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Wonder Woman

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Wonder woman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. She was conceived as a symbol of loving femininity that would dominate the male instincts towards war and destruction; she does this through empowerment. Wonder Woman acts as a very condensed version of Charles Moulton, the creator of Wonder Woman, theories on gender and the urges of men and woman. Although misrepresenting his own theory of the humanity for men and women, Wonder Woman is the perfect allegory to Moulton’s idea that men can only be forceful and aggressive, while women are capable of both force and love. Women represent love; men represent force. Man’s use of force without love brings evil and unhappiness. Wonder Woman proves that women are superior to men because they have love as an additional force” (Steinem 345). In the Wonder Woman comic book, as a reminder of what they were put through and why they were made, all Amazons must wear bracelets that resemble the shackles they were once threatened with. Most young boys do not possess the empathy needed to put themself in the mind of an Amazon princess.

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For the ones who do, are often ridiculed for having an egalitarian worldview about men and women. “No wonder I was inspired and confused by the isolationism of Paradise Island: Did woman have to live separately in order to be happy and courageous? No wonder even boys who could accept equality might have felt less than good about themselves in some of these stories: Were there any men who could escape the cultural instruction to be violent? , Steinem stated showing her empathy for young boys. This just goes to show that no matter how against the grain one may be for their time, some parts of the culture, especially in regards to gender roles, gets drilled into your head. Ignoring all of the controversy on the situation, males should be able to form their own conclusions about equality in American society today without conviction and travesty from others.

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