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Why Winter Is Better Than Summer

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The winter season is the best season amongst the 4 that occur in Canada. The winter season has the most spirit, is the most comfortable, and is the safest health wise. The winter season has holidays that every kid impatiently waits for, and has outdoor pond hockey unlike any other season. Whereas in the summer you’re hot and dehydrated while mosquitoes attack you, and it harder to sleep when it’s hot compared to when it’s cold. No other season has the holiday spirit that is present in the winter.

The winter has multiple holidays that everyone looks forward to, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, New Years Eve/Day, and the best of all Christmas. The smell of the gingerbread cookies that the mothers make is the traditional Christmas holiday scent. While the mothers are cooking the older sons are hanging the Christmas lights with their fathers. The mothers and daughters decorating the house and Christmas tree while the younger kids are writing up their Christmas wish lists to send to the North Pole.

The little girls go outside to build some snowmen while the boys go play some shinny with their friends on the frozen pond. Whereas in the summer there is no pond hockey, no presents, and no holiday spirit. Only unpleasant things await ones presence in the summer. As the summer season comes around, it won’t wont have any presents, gingerbread cookies, frozen pond hockey, or a nice cool night of sleep waiting for you. The winter is the most comfortable and stress-free amongst all the seasons in Canada.

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When the kids are done building their snowman’s or finished playing shinny with their friends on the frozen pond, they can go back inside and enjoy a nice hot chocolate the warmth of the roaring fire. In comparison the summer will only have bloodthirsty mosquitoes ready to attack, a scorching hot sun ready to dehydrate and burn, and a long hot sleepless night waiting for you.

While one builds a snowman in the winter, one will have sand sticking to their burnt sweaty skin in the summer. While one is sitting by the warm fireplace with a hot chocolate in the winter, one will be struggling for cool air from the fan in the summer. When the day comes to an end in the winter, one can enjoy a good night of sleep in the warmth of their beds; where in the summer one truly detests the warmth of their bed, resulting with a long sleepless night.

Winter being the most stress-free season for anybody is the reason why it’s the healthiest season. The winter season is the healthiest season for anybody. The increased comfort helps reduce stress, and the holiday spirit and more time spent with your family is another factor that contributes to making people in a more cheerful mood. The main reason why winter is the healthiest season amongst them all is because there are lower amount of sicknesses and diseases compared to the summer.

Whereas in the summer one can suffer from dehydration, sun burn from the scorching hot sun, sunstroke, and a fever from when it rains (http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index? qid=20080930065312AAGlbMn) . The human body also can withstand cold temperatures better than it can handle hot temperatures, so the winter is more preferable for ones body. In the winter we never have to face any of these problem, instead one can enjoy the hot chocolate once again by the fireplace with their family members and friends.

The winter season is the most enjoyable for one compared to the summer because it is the most comfortable, spirit filled, and the healthiest. Would one rather be suffering from all pain from the bloodthirsty mosquitoes and the red-hot sun? Or would they rather be snuggling with their lovers by the warm fireplace with a hot chocolate at hand?

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Why Winter Is Better Than Summer essay

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