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Why Is Tobacco Bad for You

Peter Yang Andrea Charanduk English 20 January 23, 2012 How tobacco addictionseffect you and people around you? A tobacco addiction is the worst addiction you can do to your body. According to the Health Canada website, “every 11 minutes, a Canadian dies from tobacco use. Every 10 minutes, two Canadian teenagers start smoking cigarettes; one of them will lose his/her life because of it yearly, more than a thousand Canadians who never even smoked die – from exposure to tobacco smoke.

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Smoking affects every part of your body even to your sexual organs, as stated in Health Canada website “Sexual functioning needs the coordination of the nervous system, hormones and the vascular system which pumps blood into the muscle tissue that keeps the erection Smoking hinders every area. The effect? Impotence. ” Now days teens start smoking because, they think it’s cool to look like an adult, or they get peer pressured. I agree that smoking does kind of look cool, but what’s hiding behind that smoke can kill you, and everyone else around you. There is strong medical evidence that smoking tobacco is related to more than two dozen diseases and conditions” (“Smoking and Your body”). Smokingaffects every part of your body even to your toes! The effect of smoking is terrible for your health; it is proven countless times by medical professionals and scientists. Smoking affects your lungs, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system the most (“Smoking and Your Body”). When you smoke a cigarette you are inhaling toxic chemicals and the most addictive drug. Nicotine. Nicotine is the drug responsible for making cigarettes so addictive. It makes your body crave more cigarettes and that means inhaling all those gross chemicals” (“Nicotine”). I know a person who had a throat cancer. He had to get a surgery to get his voice box removed to stop the spreading of cancer disease. Now, he can’t talk. He needs this little device on his throat to help him talk, which I have sympathy towards it. He made a mistake a long time ago, and now he is paying the price for it. Look around you, do you smoke? Or a friend?

Tell yourself to quit, help a friend out. You just got to try. Smoking is bad, but starting as a teenager is the worst mistake you can make. As stated on the website smoking-facts. net “At least 3 million adolescents are smokers and roughly 6 million teens in the US today smoke despite the knowledge that it is addictive and leads to disease”. This is very true and it is happening right here, right now. I know several teenagers that smoke a pack a day. This will lead them to pre-mature death, lung cancer and various other diseases. Of the 3,000 teens that started smoking today, nearly 1,000 will eventually die as a result from smoking” (“Teen Smoking Facts”). I don’t expect people to read this article and quit, I just want them to know that, smoking as a teenager can definitely harm the health of your body. Then maybe you would be smart enough to quit smoking. “Second-hand smoke is what smokers exhale and what rises from an idle burning cigarette. You can see smoke in the air but what may not be so obvious is that there are 4,000 chemicals in the smoke” (“Second Hand Smoke”).

I have been in position where I was the second hand smoker. It is not the best place you would want to be when people are smoking around you. The smell of the smoke makes me frown, cough, and you just know that this can’t be good for your body. Back in the day’s people could smoke anywhere! In the restaurants, airplane, bar, and any public places. Now this was allowed because they had less knowledge of second hand smoking than we do now. There is a story where a woman died from a lung cancer when she was only 50.

The worst part about the story is that she never had a single cigarette in her life, she was a waitress at a restaurant and she would be second hand smoking from everybody who would come into restaurant and smoke. How horrible is that? An innocent person is suffering from someone else’s mistake. Do you think that’s right? I am not going to lie, I have tried smoking, and it’s theworst thing I ever did. You can feel all the chemicals going through your body and affecting you internally.

My personal opinion about smoking is that, it is totally fine if you want to smoke and hurt yourself, as long as you don’t smoke around people who does not smoke. Maybe you didn’t know that smoking affects not only you but people around you. I hope who ever reads this article figures out how it is effecting you and people around you and at least try quitting. In this article I talked about all most everything about why smoking is bad for you and second hand smokers. I hope this article awakened your urge to quit smoking for yourself and people you love.

Smoking is bad, we all know that. Making a mistake is … humane. We all make mistakes, but repeating that mistake with knowing the consequences is plain stupidity. About Tobacco Control. Health Canada, 2009. Web. 29 September 2009. Nicotine. Health Canada, 2008. Web. 24 January 2008. Second-hand Smoke. Health Canada, 2009. Web. 17 April 2009. Smoking and Your Body. Health Canada, 2011. Web. 01 November 2011. Teen Smoking Facts. Smoking-Facts. net, nd. Web. 23 January 2012.