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Why I Want to Be a Nurse Narrative Essay

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When I was in high school I was voted most likely to become a Dr.. This wasn’t a big deal except that I went to a Vocational and Technical High School. So I went on to pursue my parents dream to become a Dr. , note it was my parents dream. I just wanted to play baseball and become a nurse. At last there dream fell apart when I got hurt lost my scholarship in my freshman year of college. Funny thing is I could have stayed in school and really concentrate on my sports ops I mean school. My father told me to join the service so I could have the Military pay for school GI bill.

After some thought I would no longer be under my father’s thumb and agreed to join the Navy. After taking the ASVAB test the recruiter smiled and asked if I had ever thought of nuclear subs I said no but said I like this 5 year hospital Corpsman thing it sounds good. The next 5 years was awesome I got to play baseball for a Puerto Rican professional team and play competitive softball for the Navy until I hurt my leg again. Now what to do didn’t take long to decide after my father passed away from a massive heart attack a week before my oldest daughter was born.

I knew my calling to be a paramedic. This lasted several years but I realized that I could make more money and make my own hours. Now some years later I after some bad health have come back to my High School dream to become a nurse and this time I won’t be called a sissy for wanting to be one! My original reason to be a nurse was I wanted to work in an Emergency Room. From an early age I wanted to be a nurse not a Dr.. I think it was that while in the hospital I found that the nurses were the ones that left the lasting impressions on you.

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Why I Want to Be a Nurse Narrative Essay

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That was the seed. The ability to go to one job and stay there for a long time is a very good thing. In with what the other options in todays economy are. Most places that employ nurses offer good medical coverage. The last but not the least would be the pay. In today’s economy this has to be the number one reason to have brought me back full circle, to my high school days. So today at all most 50 I know that I can start here and then train to be an ER nurse for many years. Maybe even specializing in a pediatric ER unit.

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