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Why Are Teenagers Stressed?

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Why Are Teenagers Stressed? BY Testators Can you trust everything you see or hear now-a-days? The media Is full of constant propaganda, propaganda which brainwashes the minds of young people. Children as young as 3 are already worrying about their appearances, as seen on the television shows such as 'Toddlers and Tiaras. ' I believe the media has a much stronger impact on teenagers than any other age group. Everywhere you go, there will always be that "look," that celebrities have and that every young person aspires to look like.

Teenage girls will go to all extents in order to achieve the media's perception of a beautiful woman, when in fact few teenagers know that what they are seeing In magazines and on billboards are not In fact real humans, but they are what society has created. When parents think their children are safe at home, they are wrong. Young people's minds are being filled with poison which is also known as the perfect image.

Shows such as 'Keeping up with the Sardinian,' Toddlers and Tiaras,' 'America's next top model,' 'Jersey Shore,' and '16 and Pregnant,' are giving teenagers the wrong idea that you must be 'slim, fake, very award, and covered In make-up' to be considered anything near beautiful. Shows such as these are giving the Impression that you must be a specific way to be successful and/or notorious. This already creates large numbers of very unconcealed women, as they feel they are not 'beautiful, 'because they are not covered in make-up.

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These types of situations create stress for teenagers as they feel they must look a certain way to be deemed beautiful. When asked, 87% of British teenagers claimed to be unhappy with their physiques and 64% of those under 13 had already turned to tenting In order to lose weight as stated by In the Dally Mall Newspaper article. Many teenagers are pressured by their families Into doing well in their GASES_ This makes them feel like they must do well in order to keep their families happy. I can speak from personal experiences when I say that I felt even more pressured because I knew that my family were expecting good grades from me.

This creates a large amount of stress for teenagers as they feel they must do well in order to make their families proud and In order to go to university to get a good job. It is said by the majority of the elder generation that going to university means that you will have a better future as you will get a good Job, which entails a larger salary as opposed to someone who did not attend university. This is not necessarily true as people who do not attend university can still manage to get a well-paid Job. Also, family members may expect their child to do a specific profession which the child themselves does not want to do.

This means that the teenager Is pushed into schools which allow the best support in he subjects which will open pathways to these careers. This can also create higher levels as stress as teenagers are being forced Into doing a subject they do not wish to do, which makes it more challenging to succeed, thus creating more stress. The teenagers which come from working class families, unfortunately, have it a lot harder than those that come from middle class or upper class families. A working class teenager may be pressured by their families to get a job as soon as possible in order to help out their living situation.

This can create stress because distributing enough mime for school and work can not only be exasperating but It can also be difficult. At the case for those which come from working class families. Not only can teenagers be stressed from working, they can also be stressed as they are being put into a situation where money is a problem and they are constantly living under the threat that certain necessities may be cut off due to an outstanding bill payment or something as extreme as being kicked out the house. Society has a large impact on the amount of stress that a teenager has.

By society I mean all things surrounding hem, media (as I previously discussed), friends, and the general public. Whether you want to admit it or not, everywhere you go, everything you do, you are always being judged, by everyone. Many people are aware of this whilst others aren't. The fact that we live in a country where everyone is Judged by the color of their skin, the way they present themselves and by their appearances makes it a more difficult place to fully be accepted. This applies stress to young people as they feel they need to be accepted in society by becoming something that they are now.

The factor which disheartens me the most is that in society you are expected to be a specific way In order to be accepted and if you are anything other than 'perfect,' you are looked upon as 'morally wrong. ' Which leads me onto my next point, the general public (specifically the older generation) has generalized teenagers as being anti-social and rude when in fact only a minority of teens are actually this. By generalizing an age group based upon a few individuals can make it more challenging for the younger generation to speak their mind and have their voices heard.

This also creates stress by making teenagers feel as if they are not important because of what they are depicted as. To sum up, teenagers have many reasons to feel like they have a build-up of stress, but I believe the two main factors are family and education as most of teenagers spend the majority of their time either in school and/or in the presence of their families. This means that they are constantly being told what to do, what to achieve and what is expected of them. Which makes life as a teen more difficult than it needs to be.

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