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When The World Stands Out, Aspire To Be Outstanding

Essay Topic:

We are all different.We view things from different perspectives.What one person acknowledges as the truth may not be accepted by others.

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There exists a plethora of interpretations, which are rooted on the fact that people come from varying backgrounds – politically, socially and culturally. These differences allows people to be unique in there own ways. The world is divided, geologically speaking. As such, people grew up in societies that have dissimilar and often conflicting views on a number of things. I was born in Bangkok. The place that I first called my home is a bustling city.

Being the capital of Thailand, most efforts in relation to economic development are concentrated there. It dominates the country’s economy. Unfortunately, the continued development of Bangkok results to the neglect of other urban centers. This makes the disparity in wealth distribution more intense. Despite the developed façade of the city, the truth that there is inequality still lingers. Growing up in a country like Thailand, where people from neighboring countries come to work, I have learned to accept the fact that the things I believe in is not always the same as the things that the people around me agree to.

Confrontation is not always the best solution. If I keep on asserting my own views upon others, I know that we won’t come to an agreement. It is best to base my judgment on respect and not animosity. It is in this line of thinking that I gained the courage to speak out, even though, I know that others won’t agree with me. Deep inside I am hoping that they would respect my opinion regardless of my political, social and cultural viewpoints since I do the same to them. The other reason why I choose to go against the grain, sometimes, is due to the fact that I would like to create a better future for myself, my family and my community.

I have seen both the glittering and rusty covered side of life when I was in Bangkok. I know that I can do better if I work hard and believe in own capabilities. I also know that I can a difference in the world in the same way that the world affects me. When the odds are against me, I try to remember that I am more fortunate than others because I am able to exercise some of my rights especially my right to education. I am thankful for what I have now that is why I work hard to show how much I appreciate them. Once again, I can say that I draw my strength from my family and community.

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