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What Is A Blog?

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In recent years, we have been hearing a lot about blogs and how they can become a tool to generate income, to advertise a product or an idea, to pass information, to destroy other people’s reputations, or to express genuine human emotion. But what is a blog, in its very basic sense? Blog is actually a derivative from the words: web log. And that is actually the best description of a blog. It is a log of everyday events and occurrences published on the web.

It is usually maintained by somebody with intent to regularly update it with commentaries, videos, pictures, essay, and graphics; much like a diary. However, unlike the usually diary, blogs follow a reverse-chronological order. So when you open the web page, you actually see the newest entry and will actually have to track back to view older entries. People who write, maintain and manage blogs are called bloggers and all bloggers, and everything that is written in any blog in any part of the web is encompassed in the term: blogosphere.

This word is used to suggest that blogs and bloggers are connected through some kind of social network. Blogs are complicated and many, they fall under every and any category imaginable, the most popular being Personal Blogs which are much like diaries, where the blogger puts in anything s/he feels like sharing to the world. However, some other blog types are more organized and focused like a Corporate Blog which is usually used for marketing a product.

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You could also define a blog by its genre and the topics it focuses on. There are Political Blogs, Travel Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Party Blogs, Music Blogs, Education Blogs, Entertainment Blogs, Law Blogs and even Sub-Culture Blogs. Whatever topic one chooses for his/her blog, it still remains true that the Blog is one of the most ingenious inventions of our time. It allows us to talk to the rest of the world by sharing everything we want to, and much like a diary, fulfills our need to be heard.

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