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Watching Television Is Bad for Children

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Watching television is bad for children.Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.Most people in the world including children use to watch TV at least two hours per day.

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Some people believe watching TV may pose several negative effects for their children, while others think that TV provides more benefits for children than negative effects. These two points of view will be discussed accordingly.

In the modern world there are many different programs, movies and cartoons which are interesting for all children. Some parents complain that their children use to watch TV for a long time, while they are at work, which results to a slow progress at school and also make their lifestyle less active. This is evidenced in how many children like to watch the ‘Nickelodeon’ channel and even know the names of most characters in many cartoons. It is obvious that children prefer to spend their time watching TV than doing daily homework for school purposes or going in for sports.

On the other hand, many argue that watching TV poses advantages to children’s intellectual capacities, because they may also watch many cognitive channels, for instance the ‘BBC World’, the ‘Animal planet’ or the ‘Discovery’ which provide daily news or other interesting facts. In conclusion, watching TV is not bad for children, as it may develop their intellectual capacities. However parents should control what their children are watching and also do not allow them to watch TV more than two hours per day, because watching TV for a long time may pose several negative effects for their studies at school as well as for their health status.

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