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Negative Effects of Excess of Anything is Bad Television Watching

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Con Television Television is one of the most profound inventions of the twentieth century, yet I feel it is one of the most notorious inventions ever. Television is a very useful invention when it comes to certain events but watching television extensively can lead to many problems. The problems that television has is that it is extremely bad for your health, can have a negative effect on your social life, and it corrupts whoever is watching.

Believe it or not, hours of television are hazardous to your health. I learned from a wonderful book called, "What they don't want you to know about television" written by an orthodox Rabbi who says, "If a person is a T.V. addict, one who sits down for at least 5 or more hours a day in front a T.V., may very well be obese.

The reason he gives for this is that there were many tests that resulted in a decreases of the metabolism from sitting in front of a television. They tested a child metabolism laying down on a sofa looking at the ceiling with a child sitting in front of a television and resulted that the kid's metabolism who was sitting in front of the television was slower than that of the kid's who was laying down staring at the ceiling. They stated that television causes the body to fall into a relaxed "doing nothing" state, which causes the metabolism to slow down. By having the metabolism to slow down, this causes the digestion rate to slow down and might cause obesity.

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Furthermore, when a person sits down to watch television he or she may tend to snack on foods. The foods usually aren't healthy, they for example, are chips sodas and other high carbonate and fatty foods. Many times when my brother and sister watch TV they usually eat "junk food" like chips, candies and sodas. The combination of excess fatty foods and a slow metabolism can cause obesity which isn't healthy whatsoever. Also, television causes one to become lazy.

By staying in-doors and not doing anything but sitting and watching television day after day causes laziness. If you don't believe me, I have a baby sister, who is 4, and younger brother, who is 12, that spend most of their time in front of a television set. Both of them are obese and extremely lazy. If you would ask them to get a cup of water, they are so lazy that they would put up a fit until you stop asking. Laziness promotes less activity which causes less calorie burn up. Limiting television watching can increase the chances of have a healthy body.

Excess television watching, which is watching T.V. for 5 or more hours, can cause a person to be anti-social. A social person, to my standards, consists of the following factors: the person is outgoing and meets others, the person is active, and the person has many various friends. Watching television as I proved before makes you lazy and inactive; it causes the person to stay indoors which is impossible to meet other unless they are your mail man.

This also limits the people that person knows causing him limited friends. Also, as I said previously in my last paragraph excess T.V. watching makes one obese. I know from experiences that a girl would hardly ever dance with a guy who was fat or vice versa. From my experience at a party, there was a girl who was extremely obese and all the guys were laughing at her and not even getting close to her or her friends. Looks nowadays are very important, for example, put yourself in this scenario, and you were a beautiful looking girl or a "Brat Pitt" looking guy, would you even get close to a guy who was fat and ugly?

Being fat extremely lowers your self-esteem so even if you got lucky and the girl was "checking you out", you still would feel awkward and be intimidated to go and dance with her. I have had that happen to one of my friends at this party and he tells me, "Mike, she just messing with me she just wants to have a laugh". Finally proving my point, that by watching television extensively, 5 or more hours, it can cause obesity which can lower self esteem or limit a person from being social.

The last most important reason why excess television watching is bad is due to the fact that it corrupts people, especially children. Many shows nowadays are very corrupt. Shows such as Baywatch, V.I.P with Pamela Anderson, and other Late Night shows on FOX and the WB have a lot of sexual material. Not only do the shows contain sexual material but also in commercials, such as Victoria Secret, having woman dressed almost in nothing and acting in a very sexual way. They also have other shows that are very violent like Fast Lane that have scenes of shooting and robberies.

These types of shows can desensitize a person who was never exposed to such things and most of us haven't seen a shootout or any extremely violent material. Moreover, these shows also use violent scenes to depict stories and usually tend to use harsh and vulgar language. These words maybe passed on from the actor to the child and from the child to his or her teacher, parents, siblings or friends. This is absolutely true because my baby sister was watching a movie with my brother. I came home and ask her what she did today, she tells me "Get the hell away!" I didn't let her watch T.V. for a month after that happened. These three things are what are called sexual lust, de sensitivity and lack of manners, which corrupt people.

Another time, my baby sister one day started dancing in a "stripper fashion" and I was wondering were she learned it from. I saw that she watched so much televisionand I realized that it was these commercials and shows that taught her. Not only does it corrupt people in a sexual and desensitized way but also corrupts and destroys creativity. People who watch excess amounts of television tend to lose their imagination and creative skills. I have a friend that is very smart when it come to money, but when we need to make a project or something that requires creativity or an imagination he can't think of anything, so I have to think of something and it comes to me very quick.

I guess it's because I don't spend as much time in front of the television as my friends do. Television takes time away from children playing with their toys, either creating an army going to war or having tea with her dolls, which builds creativity. Excess television also cuts down on reading time, which is vital for a child's vocabulary and comprehension in what he or she hears or reads. Television can be a corruptive tool, which can destroy and corrupt an innocent persons mind.

Now with the few reasons that were given, do you the reader feel convinced that television is a good thing or bad? Yes, T.V. can be a wonderful invention that can teach our children good from bad, but how many of us actually monitor what our children watch. You can see that when writing this essay didn't use television watching, but excess TV watching, which may teach you that watching TV in excess can cause you to have health problem, have less of a social life than you might want, and destroys creativity.

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