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Urban Ministry: the Kingdom of God Response

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From the section “Did I really say that? ”: “Tell us you made it, Zack. Be our example of a rich man who broke free from the grasp of greed. Tell us you won the struggle with mammon and abandoned yourself to the Christ who touched you. Tell us, Zack, that we can be liberated from the power of privilege. ” This paragraph is really powerful to me. Even though compared to some people like celebrities and such, we may not seem so rich, but overall, we live a life of abundance. We are constantly striving to achieve more in life too, like what we have is never enough.

And for the most part, the things we strive for really don’t benefit us spiritually. When you think about it, having really nice jobs leads to more money, which eventually turns into greed and brings out the worst in most people. I really like the statement and thoughts the author says above. If we are too busy being chained down to our jobs and money and social status, we can never truly focus on what truly is important. From “Kingdom Playgrounds”: One of my favorite verses is “Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3).

It sounds like a simple thing to do-to act like children-but it really isn’t. We are so corrupted today, that it sometimes sounds silly to go back to acting like children. Children are innocent and care free about the ridiculous things that adults worry about. And if you go back to being innocent and care free, then you can really see the little things that children see, and really appreciate those things. Love isn’t seen as a complexity as it is to adults; children love everyone. They see past the negative in others and see only the positive.

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