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Turtle Creek Casino

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Dry. Brown Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel Background Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel is a nonprofit organization that has owned and operated by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Turtle Creek Casino is located 4 miles east of Traverse City on M-72 in Williamsburg, Michigan and Is open 7 day a week, 24 hours a day. The casino has affiliation with the Grand Traverse Resort and the Leland Sand Casino. The casino provides hospitality and entertainment to its patrons though the gambling establishment.

This casino was one of the first casinos owned by a tribe of Indians In the United States. In 2008, the casino built an echo-friendly building that Is 74,000 square feet, which houses 54,000 square foot gaming floor including 1,300 slots, 40 table games, poker room, two gift shops, fitness center, three restaurants, SIX bars, 137 guest rooms Including 10 suites + 2 hospitality parlors (Designation, 2009). The Human Resource Department consist of the personnel director, compensation and benefits manager, benefits clerk, employee relations manager, records coordinator, training specialist, and Interviewer.

The casino employs over 3000 personnel to run effective and efficiently. Employee Selection Descriptors Equal opportunity employers do not discriminate against individuals because of race jobs to potential employee's base on qualifications and character. OWE Statement The casino is an equal opportunity employer which applies through every aspect of the employment relationship, including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, placement, training, compensation, promotion, transfer, termination, and all other matters of employment with the exception of tribal preference. Traverse Band of

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Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, is committed to achieving full and equal opportunity without discrimination because of race, religion, color, gender, national origin, age, physical or mental ability, or sexual orientation. Qualified American Indians are encouraged to apply. Affirmative Action Affirmative Action Policy Turtle Creek Casino will take affirmative measures to ensure that persons with disabilities are recruited and employed at all levels of its work force and treated during employment without regard to their disability but, Indian persons are to be given preference in employment.

In achieving the specific goals set forth in this plan, Tribal members are given primary preference, and other Indians are given preference over non-landing. Such affirmative efforts shall, without limitation, address all employment practices including: employment, promotion, demotion or transfer; recruitment, recruitment advertising or posting; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation or benefits; and selection for training programs.

Shall send notices of employment openings and solicit the referral of qualified candidates for employment from: organizations which serve the interest of promoting equal employment opportunity for persons with disabilities and regional Job banks or Job fairs that are maintained or conducted in order to assist qualified persons with disabilities in obtaining employment.

Shall send to each labor union or representative of workers with which it has a collective bargaining agreement a notice of the obligations of the applicant or licensee under the Act and rules of the Commission and a request for referral of qualified candidates for employment who are voluntarily self-identified persons with disabilities; an disabilities. Recruiting Methodology The employee selection process starts with posting all open position in the time card and break room areas for internal employees to view and apply.

In addition, tribal members and Indian if experience and train are given the first pick at any open position. If no internal interest is shown then the position is posted on career Job boards and the casinos website. Open Positions They initially post all employment openings for response by qualified in-house employees or, when appropriate, advertise such openings in newspapers of general circulation and other media which reach across-section of the population in the area room which the work force will be drawn.

Step one-Each position posted is accompanied Job description, list of qualifications, and an expiration date to apply; tribal date is usually two days prior to all other applicants. Step Two-elf there are no applications. Step Three-After that date, the position is posted on their web site, and external applicants for that specific Job are taken and evaluated. Phone interview are conducted with all external applicant and are per-qualified. Recruiting Process Process for internal recruitment LEVEL ONE - Managers, supervisors, or other key employees.

People who have authority to develop or administer policy, long-range plans, or to make discretionary decisions regulating gaming operations; people responsible for major sections within the casino or its property, even if no gaming is conducted in the area (such as a hotel or restaurant). In addition, some employees of Suppliers will be required to be licensed. LEVEL TWO - Employees who operate or maintain casino games, or who come in contact with gaming money, chips, tokens, credit slips, etc. But who are not supervisors. LEVEL THREE - Employees who work in an area where gaming is inducted, or in areas that directly affect gaming, but do not conduct the games or come in contact with gaming money, chips, tokens, credit slips, etc. (Casino Employees/Occupational Licenses, 2011). Process for external recruitment A person seeking a Tribal gaming employee license shall submit an application to the Tribal Commission on such form and in such manner as the Tribal Commission may require.

Such application shall include the following information: (1) The applicant's name, including all other names used current home and work addresses and telephone numbers, social security number, place of birth, date of earth, citizenship, and driver's license number, as well as the address of his or her personal residences over the past five (5) years. If the applicant has resided at his or her current address for less than two (2) years, his or her previous address. 2) The name, address and telephone number of the gaming facility and of the gaming operator for whom the applicant intends to work and the specific location in which the applicant will be employed. (3) The name and Job description of the applicant's position. (4) The names and addresses of the applicant's living parents, grandparents, spouse, children, brothers, and sisters. 5) A statement as to whether or not the applicant has ever been charged with a crime, and if so, the charge, the name and address of the court involved, the applicant's explanation of the outcome of the case, including the date of final disposition. 6) The names, current addresses and telephone numbers of three references who are not related to the applicant and who were acquainted with the applicant when the applicant was residing at each of the addresses listed in (7) A list of the applicant's previous Jobs over the preceding five years, including the name, address and telephone number of his or her employer, and the position held. 8) The names and addresses and a brief description of all businesses in which the applicant currently holds, or has within the last five years held, an ownership interest. 9) A description of any previous employment relationship with an Indian Tribe, including the employee position held, name of the Tribe involved and name and address of a person who can attest to the accuracy of the information provided. (10) A description of any current or past non- employee business arrangement which the applicant has had with an Indian Tribe, including the name of the Tribe involved and the name and address of a person who an attest to the accuracy of the information provided. (11) A statement as to any gaming business.

If so, the applicant shall provide a written statement describing his or her position, the dates during which that position was held, a description of the applicant's ownership interest or Job responsibilities and the name, address and phone number of the business, and a person who can attest to the accuracy of the information provided. (12) A list of all gaming-related licenses the individual has ever applied for, whether or not those licenses were granted and the name and address ND phone number of the regulatory agency involved. 13) A list of all professional or business licenses the applicant has applied for, whether or not those licenses were granted and the name, address and phone number of the regulatory agency involved. (14) A statement of all languages written or spoken. (15) A sworn statement that neither the applicant nor any member of his immediate family has a past or current financial interest, other than a salary interest, in any gaming-related enterprise anywhere. If the applicant has any immediate family member who has such an interest, that applicant shall fully disclose that family ember's name and the nature of the interest.

For the purposes of this subsection, "family member" shall include a mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother [natural or adopted], son or daughter [natural or adopted]. (16) Written permission giving the Tribal Commission or its designed the right to investigate the applicant's background, including his criminal record, civil and criminal Judgments and credit history. (17) A complete disclosure of any pending or anticipated civil or criminal action against the applicant, including the name and address of the police department and court involved. 8) A disclosure of any civil or criminal Judgments rendered against the applicant, including the case number, a description of the judgment and the name and address of the court involved. (19) The applicant's fingerprints will be taken by GET Tribal Police, who are responsible for conducting this portion of the applicant's criminal history check and forwarding the fingerprint cards to the NIGH for processing through the FBI. (20) Any other information which might bring into question his fitness to serve as a primary management official or key employee off licensed gaming operation. C) Each application shall be accompanied y a sworn statement that the applicant will submit to the Jurisdiction of the Tribe and the Tribal Court. Employment Status Independent Contractors Turtle Creek Casino uses many various forms of subcontract labor, these are laborer that are not actually employees, but supply the casino with product or service to the casino. All landscaping, new construction, and many vendors that are not employees of the casino, but they assist in the operations of the casino.

Countryside Construction Company Just completed builds the new casino. Full-time Employee Full-time Employee status at the casino is reserved for executives, management and rear supervisors, and are required to work 40 plus hours.. A work week consists of seven (7) consecutive twenty-four (24)-hour periods, I. E. , one hundred and sixty-eight (168) consecutive hours, designated by the business needs of the respective divisions of the casino. Full time employees are salaried at the casino. A) All executive, administrative, and professional employees of the casino gaming operations are primary management duty and regularly direct the work of two or more employees or have the authority to hire, fire, or promote employees. (c) Administrative employees o office work or non-manual work directly related to management operations. (d) Professional employees do work that requires advanced training. Part time and Seasonal Employee All other employees are consider part time for the first two years of employment, this means that they can work 32 or less hours on a regular bases but not for more than 5 consecutive weeks.

Seasonal or temporary employees are used for special events or outdoor concert. Training and Development Training Strategy All employees have monthly online training for current and advancing positions. Once training for advancing positions are completed internal employees can be insider candidate for advance position. Once the two year part time status has been complete internal employees can apply for full time positions. Full time employees are considered to be new employee trainer. Once a new employee is trained the trainer sits down with the area supervisor and discusses the new employee's strength and weaknesses.

New Employee Schedule and Training process includes: First week- Report to department complete all required online training to include safety and customer relation training. Second week-Report to department complete specialized training for your position. Third and fourth- Report to department omelet shadow training with fellow employee. Fifth week- Report to department and probation period is over. Development Strategy employee's strength and weaknesses. The advancing employee then assumes their new training for the advance position.

The development of employees ensures employee satisfaction and progression of employee in the casino. Compensation and Benefits Objective Turtle Creek Casino compensation program requires input from the employees; they fellow employee on a by annually. This audit is taken is to consideration and tell the employer what may be lacking or is not need in their compensation packages. Alignment Competitiveness Key position and executive pay is at the higher level, includes yearly increase, health insurance and bonus packages based on company sale in the form of profit sharing.

All full time and part time employees are set at the medium rate of pay, health insurance, and also received bonus pay for training new employees. When the full time employees are not training they are paid at a reduced rate because of receiving tips. The lower rate of pay is for seasonal or temporary employees with no benefits, but tips . To stay competitive the casino does abide by the minimum wage rate even Hough they do not have to abide by labor laws. Tips are dividing up according to groups. Each group has its own collection area the hotel, hospitality, gaming and bar make up these groups.

Tips are split according to how much was made in each area. Once a month the tips are distributed to the employees. This ensures the customers of the casino receive great service. Appraisal Purposes Turtle Creek requires performance review to get feedback on how the employee feels about the company as well and how the company views the employee future with the company. "If it's done right, performance appraisals tell us who's a good candidate for rumination and who's properly placed in their current Job (and who's in over his head... )" (Grove, 2011). Feedback from all parties is required to be successful.

Process Turtle Creek Casino require managers and supervisor to due appraisal for their employees on a semi- annual bases, this is for all part time and full time employees. As part of the ongoing online training all manger must complete a section on appraisal analysis. The casino finds it important because employee satisfaction reflects highly on the hospitality that they give their customers. They survey the employees at that time and address complaints. If the employee is not happy then they will cross train or relocate the employees to different position at that time.

Full time employee that are train new employees are receiving appraisal training after training new employees when reporting status to the supervisors and managers. This keep record and employees updated of the status of the employee. Laws Turtle Creek Casino does not have to abide by federal or state labor laws, because they are covered under the Indian Reorganization Act, 1934. This act made is so the Indian race a sovereignty nation within self and its own government. Tribal law does retentions of their race. Congress has specifically exempted tribes from several familiar employment laws.

A tribal law has adopted similar laws against discrimination, harassment and violence to provide a safe work place for their employees. Even though tribal law does not require them to abide by these this act they enforce, VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 affirmative action was designed to counteract the lingering effects of generations of past discrimination. The main criteria for inclusion in affirmative action programs are race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability, and age (Webster, 2013). Supreme Court has determined that states have no authority to regulate conduct by the tribes unless specifically authorized by Congress.

Congress has specifically exempted tribes from several familiar employment laws. Ordinarily, tribal court has primary Jurisdiction over claims arising from commercial transactions with the tribe, including employment. Employees are required to re-sign authorization form to do background check on appraisal dates (Beet, 2004). Even though it is not necessary to have background check completed yearly the casino requires them to make sure that are employees maintain their gambling license and that there are no legal issue, preventive measure. Reference Beet, 2004.

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