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Tim blixseth essay

Essay Topic:

Money isn’t everything When I was younger, thought money ruled everything but in reality it doesn’t.Working hard doesn’t apply anymore in today’s economy.Most of the people who are wealthy have grown into the money or inherited from their ancestor.

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People hold the wealthy to a higher standard/power therefore they think they are better than the middle/lower class. Even though money is a great asset to have, it can be a liability. As I read the essay about Tim Blithest, he was an individual who was not impressed or got excited about how much money he and his family had.

He wanted to be low key, an average middle class person who worked hard for what he got not just given. In the story “Living It” he tells us how he would wake up in different locations each night. Tim Blithest kept explaining to us how most rich people he know were cocky, arrogant, stuck up or flamboyant. Tim was nothing like that; he didn’t want people to judge him accordantly to the other rich people. He strongly hated the fact that most rich people are jerks and looked down toward the middle/ lower class. Money does change people a lot. Feel like if you were born with money and everything given to you, than you would be a stuck up person.

But if you worked hard for your money than you know where you can from and would be cared hearted toward the lower class. Money is the root of all evil. It gives the wealthy a since of more power, makes them believe they rule us. By thinking this way, we all are going to be in trouble if they can get any more power. I believe that not all wealthy people do not have this type of attitude but most are by the way they were raised. But believe that if you are raise your children properly and teach them the correct morals of life, then you can be a great person with the wealth.

Tim refers to his family members as he rechristens, which really means they are wealthy people who are down to earth. He really stated that he believed no matter how wealthy a person is or how poor you are and your family is, it is upon you to succeed in life or fail in it. Success is drive, if you don’t have it you never will. Any person doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, if you don’t want it enough then you will fail in life. You have got to want it to achieve it.

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