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Thomas Paine Common Sense

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Common Sense is a document written by Thomas Paine who strongly advocates the urgency to have the colonies become an independent nation. He argues, that the nation has to break ties from the evils of Britain, in order to have an established society.

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Thomas Paine Common Sense

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. He felt that Britain had been fed enough, and that it should be put to a stop immediately. Neglect on the part of Britain was the only positive and negative aspects, that took place because of the following reasons. A sad and negative outcome because, the colonies were able to fend for themselves while Britain enriched herself while neglecting her people.

The positive outcome was that colonies showed independence, by being able to sustain a comfortable lifestyle without Britain’s assistance. Most important, the laws of Britain were no longer able to address the people a new nation had emerged made up of many different backgrounds and religions. Paine continues his arguments by stating to the colonists, to think of why they left in the first place. If all was well back home, why did some many leave if it was all okay.

He makes it clear that no one left voluntarily, but for an urgency to better themselves. Of course, we can not forget that some left for religious freedom but most left because, opportunity was available. Also, he felt that the colonies were already exercising their beliefs and ideas, because they exercised their freedom by making new laws and implying them to all

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