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Theories And Directions Of Psychology

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According to the article, "What is Psychology? " by Kenned Cherry, Psychology is simply defined as the study of human mind and behavior. Psychology Is a very controversial topic because it relates to many field of study and also often used in daily life. In addition, psychology can be divided into many categories and areas. Also, psychology has many major theories and these theories represent the different schools of thought. The schools of thought Includes structuralism, functionalism, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanism, and cosmogonist.

Each of these schools has different roles. Structuralism was the first school of thought in psychology but it's not considered to be the most dominant school of thought today. The most dominant school of thought today is humanism or humanistic psychology. Humanism is the psychological view of human beings' thoughts, behavior and their uniqueness. Furthermore, humanistic psychology helped people to be happy and reach their full potential. Also, it is very commonly used today and made a positive impact on other areas of psychology.

Based on the article, 'Why We Lie" by Dan Rarely, the two opposing motivations that drive everyone decisions whether how much we cheat or lie are obviously when people acts to be "good" In the society to get whatever they want whether its money or fame. At the same time, nowadays people especially want to consider themselves as honorable and honest as possible. Simply put, when the opportunity is given, everyone cheats and become dishonest. The reason why is because people want to benefit from things even if there is a cost to pay.

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According to Salesman's Ted Talk, the three forms of happiness are synthetic happiness, natural happiness, and also real happiness. Dan Gilbert refers to the term "synthetic happiness" to be the psychological Immune system because we human beings have our own ways to feel better about the world that we live in. We have our own thoughts and uniqueness which makes us different. Moreover, he also stated that synthesis happiness is happiness that what we make that we don't usually want. On the other hand, natural happiness is exactly the opposite.

Natural happiness is peppiness where we get what we want (according to Dan). For example, having freedom wealth you Is considered as Natural happiness. Furthermore, the last form of happiness is the overall true or real happiness. Real happiness is the happiness where you are completely satisfied with your life and where you find peace with yourself and also others. Cherry, Kenned. "Learn the Basics of Psychology.

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