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Theatre-Director’s Role

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The director is the most important person in the play because without his visions the actors would have no purpose and nothing would go on. Without the director all would be at loss in the theatre.

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Theatre-Director’s Role

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. The director is the person who all the actors and stage crew and everyone tries to impress and they will always be on their best behavior while the director. I would want to be the director because everything is dependent on you and you are the one who calls the shots and I will maintain order on the set. The director is the one who knows the whole play and has to get the performers to perform and to make the show run as smoothly as possible. If the actors or stage coach were to get out of line or not do their job then the director would heard about it and not be do happy about it. The preparation for the director is a major issue. Many hours of perfecting the acting according to the script takes a strain when you have to account for everything that is going on. A director must having coping skills and still be enough and authoritarian to have respect from all the members of the cast. For me personally, I would have to learn how to work with people instead of getting mad and not wanting to work through problems that might occur during rehearsal and the whole production in general

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