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The tourism and events

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The rapid growth of events In the past decade led to the formation of an Identifiable events Industry (Bowdon et al. , 2006). This paper will be focusing mainly on the sports events Industry and will Identify and discuss what the events Industry actually has to offer. Firstly It will investigate the different sizes of sporting events followed by examining its characteristics and their economic value.

The past motive for an event used to be creating an opportunity to get away from the normal routine of day to day life and loud spring organically from communities or prompted by personal, individual milestones usually triggered by nostalgia. An event could also be a cultural occasion such as Christmas when all societies can celebrate and commemorate together. Personal and cultural occasions are no longer the only motive for an event, today the events industry is widely known for generating extremely attractive business chances and Is frequently economically motivated.

Sporting events appeal to a large number of participants and spectators and can vary In size from community events, for example the local schools sports day, to a mega event such as the Olympics or the World Cup. Hallmark events and major events are the other two groups within the industry that events are categorized under. Marries in Get (2005, p. 1 8) defines a mega event in the following way: "Their volume should exceed one million visits, their capital cost should be at least $500 million, and their reputation should be that of a 'must see' event. Where as Get (2005, p. 6) will interpret a mega event to be one that also yields extraordinarily high levels of tourism, media coverage & prestige. The proliferation of sporting events are linked to a combination of factors, one of them being IT and communications. As technology has developed the coverage of sport can now be broadcast to a global audience, this attracts companies and sponsors who will Inject money into the event and use It as a marketing and advertising opportunity. Sporting events are major contributors to the economic growth and development of the host country. " Road et 2011) Mega sprung events can help promote and develop cities and be utilized to Improve transport infrastructure, adapt buildings, construct cultural spaces, landmarks and dernier sports facilities. They can increase tourism levels, which can then have a positive knock on effect to the local community. Local businesses will benefit and the injection of income into the local economy can potentially create more Jobs.

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These mega events attract global media coverage, it can put the hosting country at a new level of local, national and international importance and the venue can become a tourism landmark for the foreseeable future. "The London 201 2 Games have definitively served as a catalyst for development and Improvements, both tangible and Intangible, which would otherwise have taken decades to achieve. There Is no doubt that the citizens of London and Great Brutal will benefit from the Games for a long time to come. " (Great Britain, UK Government. 013) potential threats and inconveniences have to be considered. The risk of terrorist attacks on the events location can drastically increase, the event could have negative effects on the environment and traffic congestion can become an inconvenience for participants, spectators and locals if the right planning and management has not been addressed. Sporting events employ drama and can attract large numbers of people so to keep negative impacts on the host country or organization to a minimum understanding the events characteristics is an important factor when planning an event of any size.

Event managers should investigate the area type; whether it is in a rural, urban or metro environment, the event location and the time the event is held and its duration, a prediction of the expected attendance and who the event is aimed at and how you are going to market the event and finally how your going to accommodate your customers and participants. In sporting events you also need to consider the sports governing body and employ the correct professionals to ensure he governing body rules and regulations are met and maintained throughout the event.

For a mega event such as the Olympics the opening and closing ceremonies and the medals being awarded to the competitors are significant and memorable characteristics of the sporting event. In conclusion, the events industry has a lot to offer, with the government's support, increase in tourism and continuing to create ways in which to attract events to the county the industry will continue to flourish and play a significant role in the economy, as well as having a positive input on the coal community and the host country it will also go on to provide memorable experiences for those involved.

The tourism and events essay

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