The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Movie 2012?

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Nowadays, movies have become the spiritual food that always comes along with our lives. However, because almost all movies have both strengths and weaknesses, there are not only positive but also negative attitudes of the viewers toward them. 2012 has also received such a wide range of mixed reviews about its quality. Being produced in 2009, 2012 is a fiction movie telling viewers about the end of the world on December 12th, 2012.

The content of this movie mainly focuses on the reactions of American government officers and the spectacular escape from death by Jackson Curtis' family with his ex-wife's boyfriend before the moment in which the earth is being destroyed because of the greatest disasters in history. Even though there are a few illogic scenes in the movie, 2012 has still attracted millions of viewers because of special effects and the way humanity is portrayed.? Watching 2012, viewers are satisfied the most by special effects.

In 2012, the surface of the earth is totally changed due to a series of the biggest disasters coming at the same time: the moving of continental fragments, the erupting of volcanoes, and the attacking of the most violent tsunamis. This is absolutely a product of imagination; however, the way that the director of the movie imitates the appearance of those disasters is so real that viewers have a feeling of watching a documentary movie, not an entertainment movie.

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Beside visual effects, sound effects also contribute to the success of the movie because there is a diversity of sounds in the movie, and each sound is perfectly combined with the scene, which increases the reality of this imaginary product. As the 21st century is the century of technology, tastes of viewers have changed very much. Viewers, especially new generations, highly regard products that use highly technical solutions. Therefore, the higher the quality of a movie' special effects is, the more successful it is. That is the reason why success in creating outstanding visual and sound effects obviously gratifies viewers.?

Special effects might fascinate viewers from the first sight; however, to become unforgettable for viewers, a movie also needs good content. The story about humanity in 2012 will be always in the viewers' minds because of the clever way that film makers tell it. Humanity is always an interesting topic, and humanity which is placed in the scene of the end of the world is even more intriguing. 2012 reflects truly both positive and negative aspects of the way that humans treat each other when they have to step on the edge between ife and death. .

Viewers may be moved to tear because of the sacrificing of President Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover) in the movie, who decides to stay and help his citizens in the greatest chaos instead of sitting in a safe ship, the effort to send the loving words among family members before the death arrives, or the persuasive urging of the American geologist Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to convince leaders of all ships to open the gate for everyone to come in before the most terrifying tsunami arrives.

In contrast, the selfish act of the White House Chief of Staff, Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt), who tries to stop opening the ship's gate for other people even though there is enough room in the ship for them, shows the viewer the negative side of human beings.? Although 2012 has succeeded in creating special effects and building the story about humanity, some illogical scenes may lower its grade for quality.

These illogical scenes are all about the spectacular escape of Jackson Curtis and his family. Perhaps, in order to make the film more thrilling, the director always lets them survive in few last minutes. The film makers might forget that viewers are smart enough to distinguish between the truthfulness and untruthfulness in a movie, and it is very annoying them when they have to watch something too fake.

Briefly, 2012 deserves to be watched as the filmmakers cleverly and successfully bring to the viewers the special effects and the story about how people treat others at the end of the world. The weakness in scriptwriting sometimes may disappoint the viewers; however, it is minor. As a viewer, I had special feelings while watching 2012, and it is never boring to me to watch this movie again. I believe many other people also had the same feelings that I had for this great movie.

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