The Similarity In Views And Beliefs Of The Black Panther Party And Fanon

Last Updated: 19 Feb 2023
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The Black Panther Party is a newspaper that illustrates peoples true struggles in the streets and inner-city jungle bourgeoisie and organizes programs that strived for housing, education, clothing, peace and justice. It began with the story of Denzil Dowell in which the Black Panther party was called to investigate what had happened between him and the police. The Black Panther Party is not able to be successful or useful if not everyone is involved. For instance, money or weapons indicate the power “if they are subject to the will of the people.” It ranges from both positive and negative articles in ways to show reality and illustrates people willing to fight back.

For example, in a clip from the Black Panther mixed tape there was a scene in which involved a death chamber in order to make a point. They used media as their platform because they didn’t just want to wait and see if change would be made or continue to feel trapped. They just wanted freedom power to define their communities but have been treated as if they were animals rather than human beings. They felt as though they had to use force against the system in order to develop because they were going to let them. Violence was a cleansing force. When class consciousness is involved, oppressors and the oppressed know that violence can either destroy or keep order, but violence was necessary for change. Violence united them and began an influence that reflected the struggle for liberation.

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Although violence is necessary for change and liberation, negativity is accepted in today’s generation. We discussed in class about how there are people and places that critique other and are addressing the situations. However, in most cases, people just accept unacceptable things as normal. Just because it becomes an everyday reality, the world should not be okay with things that are not benefitting them. Capitalist have acted in such a way that is unacceptable in the underdeveloped World. For instant, people of Europe should take responsibility for what they have done that began with slavery. In contemporary times, at least from what I see, violence still occurs and usually worsens the situation first before it gets better. However, it does seem to slowly get better. It can be something as big as riots or as small as a family or friend confrontation. At the beginning of Trumps presidency, many were upset and violent and it only continued to escalate. Although it is not completely better right now at all, there are people who are beginning to realize that what he is doing is wrong and that change must happen. The more people are speaking out, the more people are getting recognition and helped to start a power movement.

Both speaking of the continuous struggle against colonialism, Fanons work and Black Panther Party showed individuals not having a sense of one’s self and feeling trapped. It was through Fanon that the black panther party was influenced by the belief that spontaneous violence helps people understand that those in positions with knowledge and ability, lead the people to do what they feel needs to be done. Through a Black Panther Song by Elaine Brown , we see that just like Fanon, she is trying to understand the violence and its concepts. For instance, in a clip from Black Panther Party there is a moment of “I’m done! Forget this!” or decolonization that resulted in them responding violently. Both the Black Panther Party and Fanon discuss decolonization as bothering the normal order and acknowledge that it is always violent.

Although violence is key in making changes and liberation, negativity is accepted in today’s generation and we see that through both works. Race and culture put a perception of ourselves. In looking for liberation, both become aware of their class consciousness and of their stance in society because of their skin color. We see the analysis of who police and who they protect and serve and the power that white people have. They both do not condone violence but know that it is the police who are killing more black people who are unarmed and innocent. In contemporary times, we see this still affecting us and can see it starting from Fanon’s theory and escalating to the Black Panthers Party’s stage. 

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