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The process of digestion

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Wart also learned from his experiences as a snake that snakes weren’t deaf at all, they can still hear using one/ two ear(s). Wart then met a serpent named T. Natural, a patient and gentle serpent who taught Wart about snakes, history, and legends.

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T first told Wart about his education being neglected as a snake and how he can’t distinguish a T. Natural. Wart was then told about the reptile’s history, including the two families Totalitarians manias and the Curator’s incisors.

The Atlanta family had very huge descendants, while the Cerate family was about 17 feet long, but razor sharp teeth that were giant. The serpent T told Wart about these two families and how they constantly battled and flee from each other. T then told Wart about how the python lost its venom. The python released his venom in fury after he saw that he transported humans to the 7th heaven. The poison then fell onto trees, water snakes, frogs, and cobras. In order to prevent chaos, the leader Aunt E told the venomous animals to use their poison in self defense.

The frog and water snake did not agree, so they lost their poison due to water. Wart learned many things from his experience as a snake talking to other snakes. Annotations: 1. In chapter 15, why was Sir Sector so upset that the King sent hunters to kill boars in the forest? Sir Sector argued that he wanted to instead hunt down the boars with his own team and hounds and supply the king. This is unreasonable because the hounds or hunters can be killed in a boar hunt, so Sir Sector should be grateful that he King is sending his own men and dogs to hunt.

I think the only reason Sir Sector is angry is because he has to supply and nourish the hunters and their dogs until the goal Is achieved. 2. On the bottom of page 194, what Is the song that is being sung? I don’t know how to Interpret this as a song except for the rhyming such as puddle and fuddle. There are many slash marks and weird words such as, “E could ‘rent alp It,’ e AD to. This is too confusing and I have no idea to what it may be. 3. On page 185,

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