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The Outsider’s

How would you like it if people considered you to be poor or rich? The outsiders is a novel of conflicts and is about two teen gangs that live on different sides and the country.Greaser’s against socks in other words the poor against the rich.The book by S.

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E. Hilton and is about how the rich kids call the poor kid’s socks and get beat up. Pony boy is a 14-year-old teen boy that is a sock and gets beat up quite a lot. Pony boy is really sensitive, intelligent and observant. “Pony boy reminds me of a house cat hat always know what’s going on”.

Body Paragraph 1 Throughout the novel pony boy is really observant because many different reasons that I will explain. He might not have that much common sense but he always knows what’s around him and what’s going on whatever the situation is. In the book his brothers say “he might lack a bit of common sense but he always knows what’s happening”. This is really true it’s like he keeps an extra eye somewhere and is one of a kind. Also he is observant because in the book he says this mfou take up for your uddies, no matter what they do.

When you’re a gang, you stick up for the members. If you don’t stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn’t a gang anymore. It’s a pack. A snarling, distrustful, bickering pack like the Socks in their social clubs or the street gangs in New York or the wolves in the timber. “(34) he is helping has brothers and the greasers and is observing and telling them before hand what they are. Body Paragraph 2 In the other hand pony boy is a really sensitive kid in this novel.

When something oesn’t go right has emotions well let loose and you will easily find out what kind mood he is really in. In the book it says “don’t cry pony don’t cry we’ll be okay (75)”. Pony boy is in bed with soda and soda says remind about last night and pony starts tearing up and tells him to shut up. Another reason why I think he’s sensitive is because in the book it says “l wanted to cry, but Greasers don’t cry in front of strangers. Some of us never cry at all. Like Dally and two-bit and Tim Shepard–they forgot how at an early age. 102) Pony was in the hospital and has throat was hurting and he was thinking of has brothers and was about to cry but kept it together because strangers where there. Body Paragraph 3 Finally pony is a really intelligent person you might think he’s not but he sure is. In school he gets really good grades and is the best student from all the characters he excuses Darry tor getting bad grades and not doing g “He is always having a nose in a book. (13)” That’s what Darry and has brothers say about pony boy in the novel would always read and loves doing it.

Also he is a good writer to he gets put in the A class. Also his brothers say that he is really good in school and stuff but his street smarts aren’t so good and don’t really have any. Conclusion In conclusion pony boy is Just like house cat that always knows what’s happening and might do something bad here and there. Overall pony boy is a good house cat that knows what to do most of the time. Finally remember it doesn’t matter what people consider you poor or rich you are what you are and let people think what they think.

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