The Management of Human Resources

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'Establish the theoretical and practical relevance of HRM to a retail organization operating in Leeds incorporating a critical evaluation of relevant retail management literature' The management of Human Resources consists of the man management of individuals and groups whose performances contribute to an organization serving a particular purpose (Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn, 1994), including recruitment, training, processes and operations, requiring key decisions making and continuation of a viable workforce.

In this essay I aim to discuss and evaluate how the management team at Wyevale Garden Centre in York motivate their staff, in relation to various motivational theories, and to discuss the effectiveness of the different management styles used by all 3 store managers at the York branch, and how these aspects function in the day to day running of the store.

Though there are many areas and approaches to Human Resource Management, I will focus mainly on these areas of motivation and management styles and approaches, as the effectiveness to these two aspects can be clearly identified and discussed through evidence gathered on the organization itself. Wyevale Garden Centres consists of a chain of 114 stores in the UK, employing up to 260 people, and specializing in garden retail, including plants and furniture, as well as giftware and food. Wyevale turned private in 2006, after it was taken over by West Coast Capital, led by Sir Tom Hunter, and bought for i??

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311 million. During the last trading year before going private (2005), Wyevale suffered a deterioration in profits after suffering a 6. 3% fall in pre-tax profit to i?? 20. 7million for 2005, and sales were down 14. 6% from the previous year during the first 15 weeks of 2006. Turnover was also down to i?? 187. 6 million from i?? 192. 5 million the previous year. Since the takeover and Wyevale becoming a private limited company in April 2006, it no longer has an obligation to publish turnover and profitability figures to the public upon request, and therefore I cannot comment on figures up to November 2006.

I have chosen to look the HRM of Wyevale, York because I am employed there as a Casual/Part-Time worker, and have been for two and a half years, and therefore I believe I can provide valuable insight to staff feelings on motivation and management techniques applied in the general running and operation throughout the store, and also how the managers manage their staff on one to one basis, and how these aspects have changed over the time I have worked there.

Firstly, I will look at various theories on motivation in the workplace, and see how these theories, if at all, are relevant to staff at Wyevale and are use practically in the workplace. I will look at these academic theories because they help me understand why and how the practical motivation approaches I observe in my work are carried out, as well as helping me to understand the relationship between theoretical approaches to management had how these have been adapted to suit the particular managers in question, and their attitudes and personalities.

Although all theories may not apply to Wyevale, I will still evaluate and discuss them to see if they will have any relevance to specific scenarios, or even in the future under the new board of directors. Here I will look at motivational theorists Maslow and McGregor and see how their theories apply to Wyevale, York at the present time. "Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of needs theory (shown below) identifies high-order needs (self-actualization and esteem) and low-order needs (social, safety and physiological requirements)" (Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn, 1994, p. 169).

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