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The Main Purpose of Farce

The main purpose of farce is to make people laugh, so as a result the laughter connects people and becomes a means of agreement among them.Ratajczakowa distinguishes five types of texts according to their level of comedy and association with farce or comedy:

  1. The low comical that uses only means of farce to induce laughter;
  2. The moderately that uses using humour as a way of expression and intellectualisation;
  3. The highly comical that limits humour and uses various aesthetic categories to bring a smile and emotion to the addressee;
  4. The tragicomic that connects non comical matters with comical representations which makes the audience confused and evokes contrasting emotions;

The non comical abandoning humour that does not even try to evoke a pleasant mood.Further distinctions between comedy and farce are noticeable at the level of structure as well as the rules of creation.

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The author of a comedy could present the ability to create based on the principles of drama.

Also, comedy marks the probability and avoidance of absurdity, so it represents a closed entity with an ordered storyline. Surprise is the main source of its humour. Farce is funded on none of these principles, since it is much more independent, disordered, and amorphic. It is a way of expressing mockery of a lower class of the world, so that the body language is the language of farce.

With time, these two genres have evolved in a complex relation to each other, it is even believed that without farce’s vulgarity and carnality, comedy would be tedious.

1.3. Physical humour With time, salacious jokes and physical humour have been added to the concept of low comedy, so the concept of physical humour has become extremely popular among comedians. The so-called “slapstick comedy” is based on violent acts, but presented in a hilarious form.

Many slapstick comedians perform without speaking, because their performance was supposed to be more about amusing movement than verbal content. For this reason, they have to be extremely expressive. The contemporary name of this kind of physical

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