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Li Cunxin, is one of the best male concert dance terpsichoreans in the universe. He has shown great bravery, aspiration and finding throughout his full life. He excelled in the gruelling concert dance preparation at the Beijing Dance Academy, made his manner to be one of the Prime Minister terpsichoreans with the Houston Ballet for 16 old ages before traveling on to another calling as a stockbroker and today, he resides in Australia while going around the universe as a motivational talker.

Li was born into a really hapless household in 1961 in Qingdao in China which was so a communist state led by Mao. He lived in a really little town with 20 of his relations. His household struggled to remain alive, populating close to starvation daily, but because of the household 's love for each other and their finding to populate, they try really difficult to last each twenty-four hours. Li 's childhood is filled with love and fondness from his household. It was ever in Li 's head that he wanted to be able to make something to assist his household. He knew that concert dance would be his household 's best chance to get away the acrimonious poorness in his rural place in China. Sure plenty, he was chosen to go a ballet terpsichorean. Li so began his journey in going one of the best terpsichoreans in the universe. His household is ever at that place to back up him on every determination he made, giving him full support, love and encouragement.

At the age of 11, Li began his preparation at the Beijing Dance Academy from 5:30 am to 9 autopsy for 6 yearss a hebdomad. No affair how much he suffered during the preparation, he ne'er

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idea of giving up. He realised that dance is his passion and it motivated him to give his 100 % attempt in dancing. Li would wake up at 5 in the forenoon when everyone is still kiping and skip up and down the steps to construct the strength of his leg every bit good as his staying power. At dark he would pattern his bends by the candle flame. Equally much as he wanted to populate a better life, he had ne'er forgotten about his household that he left behind. Li 's finding has steered him onto the way of success that helped him interrupt free from his Communist fatherland.

After 7 old ages of rough preparation at the Beijing Dance Academy, Li had become a ego disciplined and a pupil with great finding. He received a aureate chance to analyze dance in America through a student exchange plan under Mao 's government. He was subsequently offered a contract as a soloist with the Houston Ballet and danced for the company for 16 old ages. He was regarded as one of the best terpsichoreans in the universe. In three international concert dance competitions, he won silver and a bronze decoration at three international concert dance competitions and he performed with some of the best concert dance companies in the universe.

Here are some quotation marks and rules that Li stands house on which have led to his success in dance. `` Dance is the ultimate combination of subject and freedom. Discipline is the foundation to go wholly free and originative. If you 're free without a foundation so you could travel off the tracks. '' His ego finding, dedication and the willingness to work hard and ever act positively to accomplish his end is his attack to success and to dance.

In the official site of Li Cunxin, here are the testimonies that document his influence on the development of dance. Harmonizing to Australian Friendly Societies Association ( AFSA ) , `` Without a uncertainty one of the most powerful and invigorating presentations I have seen '' . The AFSA are highly impressed by Li 's impact, manner, personable nature and overall attitude. What makes me believe that Li is impressive is in the sense of his manner and

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motion in dance which are strong and defined which is beyond ethereal with his emotional conveyance. His dances are one of the dances that are difficult to bury. I believe that his attack to dance is one of committedness and focal point. From his attitude and behavior, it can actuate us as terpsichoreans to maintain in head that we can make it every bit long as we stay determined.

Li 's movie, Mao 's Last Dancer, is an astonishing true narrative based on the extraordinary tract he had to travel through to go a celebrated terpsichorean. Li 's success is non merely as a terpsichorean, he succeeded in illuming for the true human ideal. The movie Mao 's last terpsichorean explores the battle for two freedoms: personal pick and artistic look. On the surface, this true narrative concerns the battle between the eastern and western political orientations. While some people view his picks as heroic, others see him as a treasonist to his fatherland. In my point of position, Li left his household behind in Beijing to U.S and began to non merely see the universe for the first clip, but besides found his passion in dance. Traveling even deeper, viewing audiences will see his battle for originative freedom - the ability to state, make, and dance what he feels as an creative person. This is how he has made an influence in dance. I believe that it is true ; he gives every terpsichorean mental motive and hope to accomplish a end by reminding us non to blow every individual minute of our dancing journey.

Other than that, Li likes to take on challenges. He requested to come in the America International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi, the equivalent of the Olympics for concert dance terpsichoreans and he achieved a Ag decoration. `` I wanted to acquire a sense of how my dance stood up to international criterions. '' ( Li, 292 ) . Li ever had a positive attitude towards dance. He had to invariably face and get the better of his diffidence and insecurities ; even when he was locked up in the Chinese Consulate in Houston for 21 hours, which is one of the most celebrated and controversial desertion in the U.S history. The FBI and besides the so Vice

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president George W.Bush was called in ensuing in a tenseness with the Chinese Consulate. The universe waited for 21 hours to see what destiny has for Li. Li walked out after 21 hours into the streets of Texas and ne'er looked back of all time since. These are what people admire about him the most. We have to happen our ain way in dance ; our ain manner by dancing from our bosom and psyche.

Presents, the difficult work and dedication towards dance that Li has are seldom seen. We can truly see that Li 's narrative is a true fairy tale about a male child who had a dream to go the best concert dance terpsichorean in the universe. His position on dance preparation is one of finding and difficult work because it provided a way for him to interrupt free of communist China and take him around the universe as a professional terpsichorean. To turn out the cogency of the narrative above, here are the significant groundss on his personal ideas about his life in China. When Li was in America, he told himself that he was `` the fish and China is the pool. '' From this metaphor we can see how Li felt approximately China as a fish can non be anyplace else other than its pool so like the fish, Li thought he would non be able to populate out of China.

From what we can see from his life experience, the attack that Li took towards dance is full of finding, bravery, subject and the passion to be one of the best terpsichoreans in the universe. His sheer subject and the demand for him to raise his household out of poorness drove him to accomplish beyond his bound.

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