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The Life of Adam: Heroes Don’t Run

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Heroes Don't Run: A Novel of the Pacific War Author: Harry Mazer Brennan Gaspard October 2, 2009 5th hour, Mrs. Reeves Heroes Don't Run: A Novel of the Pacific War written by Harry Mazer. This is a fiction story with a lot of action and history. Reading this story made me feel like I was really there along the side of Adam during the Pacific war. Adam is determined to serve his country in honor of his father, a naval officer, who was killed in Pearl Harbor. Adam enlisted in the Marines hoping that serving his country would be honoring his father’s wishes.

It was what his father would have expected of him. Adam felt like he had to do his part by serving in the Pacific war before it ended. What Adam didn’t know was that war was not at all like he expected. In 1944, Adam Pelko, waits for his eighteenth birthday to come so he can sign up with the Marines and serve his country. The story began in Bakersfield, California where Adam lived with his mother and little sister Bea. Adam was only seventeen years old and could not get his mind off of signing up for the Marines.He knew his mother was against him signing up, but he had to follow his dream.

Adam finally got the opportunity when he got to visit his grandfather, Osker Pelko, who lived in Watertown, New York. He served in World War I and understood why his grandson wanted to sign up so bad. Adam’s grandfather signed him up even though he too did not want to lose him because he had already lost his son, Adams father to war. Adam is sent to boot camp, then to Okinawa to fight the Japanese and to do his part in the Pacific war.During the war Adam friends Ben and Rosie are killed. Adam has constant memories about his father and witnesses unforgettable experiences. Adam’s leg gets injured by a mortar shell blast that blows fragments of rock, dirt, and even bits of bone into his body.

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He is sent to the Aiea Naval hospital in Honolulu. Adam had to have several operations and a cast put on his leg. While in the hospital Adam thinks about his two friends Rosie and Ben being real hero’s because they were killed in battle.In the summer of 1945, Adams was released and able to go home. As soon as he the ship docked he called his mother and grandfather to tell them he was coming home. After being released by the doctors at the San Diego Marine hospital, Adam goes home to California. Once Adam finally gets home he realizes that the whole war isn't about the guns or killing people.

He was put in the situation to fight for his life and his opinion about war had changed. He remembered how scared he got and tried to avoid fighting.He did not feel like a hero. Adam also realized what he had put his mother through having her worry if he was alive or dead. He considered giving her the purple heart and saying, “It’s for you too, mom. ” Adam enjoyed being home with his family and did not want to talk about the war. He did not feel like a hero, even though he had fought for his country instead of running.

I really liked this story because it showed me what soldiers have to go through to keep our freedom.

The Life of Adam: Heroes Don’t Run essay

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