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The Life and History of Craig Kielburger

Craig Kielburger is best known for being a famous Canadian activist for the rights of children. Kielburger is the founder of “Free the Children” and co-founder of “Me to We”. In 1995, Kielburger was twelve years old at the time when he saw a headline in the Toronto Star that read “Battled Child Labour, Boy, 12, Murdered.

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” The story was about a young Pakistani boy who was forced into bonded labour in a carpet factory at the age of four, and became an international figurehead for the fight against child labour by the age of twelve, but was brutally murdered in 1995.

After Craig read this article, he began to research child labour, showed this particular article to his classmates and formed a group called “Twelve-Twelve-Year-Olds” which formed to “Free the Children”. This organization become international with 45 participating countries to help the world become a better place. In today’s society, Craig’s point of view can be implemented by following in his footsteps to help and try making the world a better place and continuing to support his success with the organization he created, and realizing that you can make a difference if you believe in the fight that you want to stand up for.

Craig Kielburger would be considered a pro-natalist point of view because in order to make a difference in the world, you need a lot of help to make the change and it starts by going small and growing big like Kielburger did with Free the Children. The more people that are involved, the greater the chances will be to make the change in society.

Personally, I think that Kielburger’s idea with free the children can help solve the problem with this issue of child labour because he is trying to send the message out that child labour is wrong and no child show be forced to work and that children should be allowed to be children by playing, learning, and having fun. By Craig Kielburger and everyone that is in the organization are making a difference in society for the children and hopefully murdering of children decreases as well as decreasing child labour in the whole world overall.