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The Importance

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The Importance Paulo Coelho explained, “Why is patience so important? " "Because it makes us pay attention. ” Being patient and attention to detail are few of many characteristics that are essential to being a proficient healthcare provider. Healthcare providers have a very important job and these characteristics correspond to one another in everyday actions. I always thought of myself as a very patient person and while working at a daycare realized that along with patience came the importance of attention to detail.

Patience is very easy to describe when telling one how to do things, but putting it into practice and living in such manner takes one’s self-control. I have always enjoyed interacting with kids and when I had to get a job in high school, I decided that a daycare would be a great opportunity. The majority of my time was spent caring for toddlers. Patience is essential when working with toddlers.

I had to juggle chasing around squeamish, playful, emotional kids who were going through their first year of life and preparing to move on to their terrible twos. There were many times when three or four kids were screaming and crying, and, at times I felt overwhelmed but had to keep my composure, so that I could calm them down. Attention to detail is important as it points out and makes one realize how to do things right. While working with toddlers, I had to learn that when chaos was going on somebody needed attention.

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Daily I practiced observing details, such as when a toddler got whiny and upset; I had to remain patient throughout their crying and see whether they were in need of a diaper change or had gotten hurt. Patience and attention to detail for a healthcare provider can determine the outcome of a patient’s health. As I cared for toddlers my interest and desire for working with children grew. I reconfirmed that I had the characteristics of knowing how to take important issues with time and preciseness to assure that nothing of importance is left out.

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