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The DaVinci Code

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The Da Vinci Code is creation of Dan Brown’s mental regime or a fact. It is for the people to decide whether these theories belong to Brown's imagination or the skeleton of 'facts' that supports the book. The early church history just can't stay out of the news. The DaVinci Code contains many more claims about Christianity's historic origins and theological development. Almost every thing our fathers told about Christ is false. Brown argues a single meeting of bishops in 325, at the city of Nicea in modern-day Turkey.

There, church leaders who wanted to consolidate their power base created a divine Christ and an infallible Scripture-both novelties that had never before existed among Christians. One of the key points put forward by Brown as Da Vinci code truth is that the Bible cannot be trusted. Certain portions of the literature that Brown proclaimed as 'Bible' do have fallacies. The early books called the Gnostic Gospels often disagree with the inspired gospels of God’s Word. The Da Vinci Code novel involves a conspiracy by the Catholic Church to cover up the "true" story of Jesus.

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In the book, the Vatican knows it is living a lie but continues to do so to keep itself in power. The novel has helped generate popular interest in speculation concerning the Holy Grail legend and the role of Mary Magdalene in the history of Christianity. Fans have lauded the book as creative, action-packed and thought-provoking. Critics have attacked it as poorly written, inaccurate and creating confusion between speculation and fact. From a religious point of view, some critics consider it sacrilegious, and decry the many negative implications about the Catholic Church and Opus Dei.

Negating any deep rooted belief after 20 centuries is very difficult, if we see the other side of story. It is more difficult for those who have attained certain level in spiritual world through Christianity. It is a matter of debate as who were the gainer-Bishops or society. Christianity is just a path or media to gain spiritualism. It is not important which path you choose to gain spiritualism. Christianity or any religion in the world is for betterment and to provide a clean society. Sanctity of the Bible; Incomplete input gives out a wrong output

The Bible's composition and consolidation may appear a bit too human for the comfort of some Christians; Brown claims “the Bible did not arrive by fax from heaven” In The Da Vinci Code, Brown apparently adopts Arius as his representative for all pre-Nicene Christianity. In reality, early Christians overwhelmingly worshipped Jesus Christ as their risen Saviour and Lord. Before the church adopted comprehensive doctrinal creeds, early Christian leaders developed a set of instructional summaries of belief, termed the "Rule" or "Canon" of Faith, which affirmed this truth.

With the Bible playing a central role in Christianity, Brown claims that Constantine commissioned and bankrolled a staff to manipulate existing texts and thereby divinize the human Christ.. But some people may argue; at this stage, it is impossible to collect sufficient input to arrive on any concrete conclusion. It’s a universal fact that none of us has seen Jesus Christ. It is hard to believe unless we witness. We draw a conclusion based on available inputs, which may further have many variables. Bible's composition and consolidation was necessary to communicate many and into its correct form.

Bible draws a line between rights and wrongs, Do’s and Don’ts or in other words it provides a proven track for the people to follow and help them to take their own judgment in day to day life. People are wondering if Brown’s book contains Da Vinci truth. The introductory note of the book says, “all descriptions of documents and secret rituals are accurate. ” Is this a true statement? Is there such a thing as Da Vinci Code truth? So how much of The Da Vinci Code is truth? When asked how much of his book is based on “reality in terms of things that actually occurred,” author Dan Brown said, “Absolutely all of it.

Although Brown claims that the book is filled with truths, the people must keep in mind that this claim is included in the first paragraphs of a fiction book. Even claims that something is true, when found in a fiction book, are still fiction. If Brown had truly wanted to enlighten the world about his true nature of Jesus and the Catholic Church, he would have done so in a non-fiction setting. Why then did Brown assert in interviews that the information contained within his book was true? Booming of 'The Da Vinci Code' and Christianity; A logical analysis

The Da Vinci Code proves that some misguided theories never entirely fade away. They just reappear periodically in a different disguise. Brown's claims resemble those of Arius and his numerous heirs throughout history, who have contradicted the united testimony of the apostles and the early church they built. Those witnesses have always attested that Jesus Christ was and remains God himself. It didn't take an ancient council to make this true. And the pseudo historical claims of a modern novel can't make it false.

Some Christians have optimistically hoped that The Da Vinci Code might provide a potential opportunity for dialogue and discussion about Jesus with people who might not otherwise be open to such discussions. Booming of Da Vinci code may have many reasons. It may not be wise to correlate its sale to acceptance of the people- for some people it’s a novel, some want to analyze and do the self assessment of their faith and for some it may be of academic interest. Threat to Christianity is beyond imagination. The reason being; the very first question is about existence of God.

If the answer is 'No' then there may arise millions of questions to which today’s world still in search of an answer. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then there has to be certain rule and requires source and some media to communicate. Unless, the source is either 'Supernatural' or 'Super human', it is hard for the people to rely on it. We find Jesus Christ exactly fits into this place. Therefore The Da Vinci code can never ever be a threat to Christianity. References 1) Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code; Doubleday (USA); 2003 2) The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition, Doubleday; November 2, 2004,

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