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The Dangers of Television

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SUMARY The Dangers of Television by Harriet B Fuller (USA) According to Harriet in the United States, television has played in changing American values as follows. In the 1940s, television was predicted to bring families closer together. Its influence, however, has splintered family relations. The first danger of television, as the author mentions is the lack of as family outings‚ the going of the whole family together such as family take a walk, dine out, go to the cinema are constrain when one or more family members do not go by they want watching more go out.

The second danger mentioned by the author is the limitation of family time together at home. The recreational activities before TV include: games, songs, and hobbies. They will replace the time of the occasion for talking in family: debate and talk with family members. The final danger as the author claims is the "domination" of TV in our daily life. This is "dominates" the family. The family activity depend on TV.

In conclusion, the writer gives an alarm that if children watch TV for hours; it has become a pacifier and a baby-sitter. Parents' roles as educators have been replaced by TV, preventing necessary interactions between family members Reaction paragraph According to Harriet in the United States, television it now "dominates" the family and In my opinion, the writer is completely true. Obviously,I have seen the effects of television on my family and agree with the author of this article.

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As a child, I can remember watching very little television. The majority of my time was spent outdoors with my family gardening, playing, caring for livestock. However, I did have a younger brother who preferred watching television to joining our family activities. and bad effect to our family. In conclusion, it is significant that we need to consider the dangers of television to our life and future because it effect to family relationship.

The Dangers of Television essay

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What are the negative effects of television?

What Can Parents Do?Choose The Right TV Shows. The first step is to figure out what shows are appropriate for children. Limit TV Time For Kids. The number of hours children spend watching digital media are increasing at an alarming rate. Make It A Family Activity. Encourage Physical Activity.

What are the negative effects of watching TV?

Some TV shows can educate, inform and inspire. Studies show that kids who watch educational and non-violent children’s shows do better on reading and math tests than those who do not watch these programs.Kids who watch informative and educational shows as preschoolers tend to watch more informative and educational shows when they get older.

What are the bad things about television?

What are the Advantages of Watching Television?In this busy, expensive life, television is an easy and cheap source of entertainment.By watching international news, we are kept informed and up-to-date with breaking news around the world.Some shows and channels (like PBS and Discovery) offer educational programs that can increase our knowledge and make us more aware of the world around us.

Why is watching TV so bad for You?

Why Watching TV is BAD!Time Better Spent. Like I said on the top of the page, we’re losing 68 days per year of watching TV. The Costs of Watching TV. Watching TV can be very expensive. 4 Health Risks of Binge-Watching. Weight gain and obesity. Every 2 hours of watching TV, people have 23% more risk of becoming obese.

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