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The Dangers of Ambition in the Story of Macbeth

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In the story of Macbeth ambition is put in a dangerous quality. This causes a lot of deaths throughout the play and causes macbeth and lady macbeth to have a downfall.

Much of his ambition comes from the influence of lady Macbeth and the three witches. After a while his ambition spirals out of control and does many things without giving it much thought.

In the beginning of the play we see the three witches and telling him and banquo their prophecy and macbeth is astonished and he then tells his wife. Things start to spiral out of control when his wife is like if we can kill the king now we can king and queen and we don't have to wait till king Duncan dies. He said no but she eventually convinced him it was the right thing to do so ambition slowly take over Macbeth and he ends up killing the king.

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When Macbeth finds out that banquo is going to become king or someone in his family is going to be part of the reign Macbeth takes precaution and hires some to kill his sons. They end up killing banquo and his son ends up fleeing the scene. By now his ambition has grown bigger and he wants to rule the land but people get in his way and he kills them. This is cause of the witches and i believe if they have not told them anything and just let things happen he wouldn't be that ambitious.

Lady macbeth also plays a role in the ambition of macbeth by telling if he does this she will be happy and they both will be happy because they are going to be queen and king. What she like to do to macbeth is guilt trip him and make him feel weak and worthless, he might not think he is so he proves to her and falls into the trap and slowly he becomes ambitious and it spirals out of control.

The result in the ambition macbeth has is major especially towards the end of the play. Macbeth slowly turns into a different person and Lady Macbeth Ends up killing herself and nobody ever enjoys of what they have achieved and when they do it is too late.

In the beginning Macbeth was weak and did not want to do bad stuff cause of his reputation. After Lady Macbeth comes in and tell him to do this and that he starts doing bad stuff and he doesnt care and he just strides to be that great king and his ambition goes out of control and he pretty much starts to kill people in order to get his way. In the end Lady Macbeth changes she is all ambition and then towards the end she becomes aware of what she has done in the past, and i think she regrets killing Duncan and she comes into a mental and emotional state that at the end no one can help her not even an doctor. She ends up dying and so does Macbeth because of the ambition they had and how it spiraled out of control.

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