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The Agreements Between the United States and the Soviet Union During the Cuban Missile Crisis

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A US arms embargo had been in place in 1960 so, when armed conflict broke out in Cuba between rebels and the government the US, was directly involved, Later that year, under the Sugar Act of 1948, the US lowered Cuban imports of brown sugar by 700,000 tons. The Soviets responded by agreeing to purchase the sugar instead. As Cuba's new government continued to take further actions to confiscate American businesses and privately owned property. This method of naturalization and enemy trading made the US government upset. The fact that a country geographically so close was trading against the U.S. to an enemy so far away made a powerful statement to America. The US, and the Soviets exchanged many letters to make agreements with each other, Khrushchev sent letters to Kennedy about the Cuban missiles and the peaceful intentions of the Soviet Union. Later, Khrushchev sent Kennedy a letter proposing that the missiles would be deactivated and removed in exchange for United States not invading Cuba.

Then, Khrushchev sent another letter asking the United States to dismantle its missiles in Turkey in exchange for the Cuban missiles. In the agreement, the US also demanded that Soviet bombers should be removed from Cuba. It was difficult for Kennedy to make quick decisions because Khrushchev was constantly sending him contradictory requests “It would seem, too, that there should be a way for the person or an organization to oppose communism without contributing to the common fear of associations and public actions. But these things do not happen; instead, there is finger»pointing and comical debate about the most serious of issues” (Hayden, 104). It would be reasonable to assume that in America, the Cold War should and would be rationally thought out and would be debated. This would give everyone with an opinion, a chance to speak. When Business and politics are heavily militarized, they affect the living condition of each American citizen Workers and families depend on the Cold War for lives because they are all directly involved in multiple ways.

”The Soviet state lacks independent labor organizations and other liberties we consider basic... Communist parties throughout the rest of the word are generally undemocratic in internal structure and mode of actionrrr" (Hayden, 105) Hayden was promoting Marxist beliefs, when he actually strongly condemned communism. The US. put forth a patriotic rationale to get support from the military and elites. These outside ideas and statement about the war the take away from the various dangers we face. The government wants the war but by neglecting the problems they will face, the citizens will support the war and not think about the consequences.

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“Our paranoia about the Soviet Union has made us incapable of achieving agreements absolutely necessary for disarmament and the preservation of peace. We are hardly able to see the possibility that the Soviet Union, though not "peace loving”, may be seriously interested in disarmament.” (Hayden, 107) There are many different outcomes that could have changed the war and the peace process. We can continue to have fear and not fight for democracy because of the dangers. Or, we could make a new and more innovative way of solving world problems. This will help support democracy and make jumps in its growth in the world.

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