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The African-Eurasian Trade Routes

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The African-Eurasian trade routes, including the silk road, the trans-saharan route, and the Indian Ocean routes, These were the most well known as most effective ways of mass production through 500 to 1500 CE.The routes became a big source of different economies, this introduced foreign goods and trade throughout the world. It was much easier to transport mass materials over a long distance in a short p of time. The routes were over both water and land spreading vast goods from India to North Africa and its east coast. There was also a large economic trade boom with China joining in on the action.

With trade becoming a big source of each country’s economy everyone wanted in. There became a surge for luxury items such as china's mass production of silk and other beautiful clothing items. China became a big competitor wanting new items such is ivory and north African gold. The crave for new foreign materials that would make you stand out or show your power to the People around you was what drove trade to were it was. During this vast trade market there was now a much easier way to obtain building materials with wood becoming a big part of trade. With new materials coming into port all the time you could build better homes and start to improve the structures in your community.

China was becoming a trading powerhouse and trading with variety of people around the world. They started to mass produce new items for trade goods not available in different areas. Their silk and food trade brought wealth and efficient transportation of goods. They also were very key in utilizing “Trade Winds” to get back and forth from country to country. They would use the winds during certain months to get to their destination as fast as possible. The bigger sails on their ships would also help catch the wind, There was also a new invention of a keel on the bottom of the boat and a ruder making it easier to steer the ships. China also introduced many new ideas and religions the different regions such as buddhism.

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The Silk road trade routes were also another instrumental key for trading new and foreign materials across europe. There were many different items being traded along the silk road. It ranged from luxury goods such as gold, silver ivory and gems. It also helped move food along the routes helped smaller communities purchase food and fight possible famines.

The northern caravan route brought many goods to china such as dates, saffron powder. It also helped exchange glass from Egypt, pistachio nuts from persia and Sandalwood from india. The Silk road was instrumental in spreading a variety of things over a vast area in a short period of time. This helped spread new ideas around the world and help others grow and see others cultures from a new point of perspective.

Trade routes were instrumental in today's daily life showing us how much trade can benefit economies. Countries now know people will spend an excess of money on foreign objects they cant get everyday. This time was very big for trade and showed what vitalizing shipments over sea can do. These routes were all about making the travel more efficient and carrying more and more each time.

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