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The Advantages of a Small Company

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Small businesses, or “mom and pop” organization are the backbone of this country. From the days when European settlers first founded our nation, entrepreneurs recognized an opportunity and strove to fill the needs of their clientele, even if it was only in exchange for a commodity like food.

Today, in an economy filled with big box retailers like Wal-Mart, communications giants like AT&T and food and beverage conglomerates like Nestle, what is often missing is the human touch. Back when our parents were growing up, buying groceries meant a trip to the local market where the butcher cut your meat while you waited and a visit to the pharmacy often included a soda fountain treat served up by the teenager who lived down the street. Shopping was never a quick errand but also served as social time for chit chat between neighbors and friends.

Bigger is not always better. The presence of huge corporations is slowly forcing the small business owner to either get out or find new ways to compete for business. Certainly you cannot call AT&T’s customer service line and find a relative on the other end of the line who will ensure you receive the utmost in care and maybe even include a recipe for that casserole you admired at last weekend’s Sunday social. Chances are that when you purchase a bag of dog food made by Ralston-Purina, a division of Nestle Foods, there will be no representative of the company asking after your satisfaction and your ill grandmother’s health.

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Modern-day society could only benefit from a return to the standards of small business practices such as used to be common. After all, wouldn’t a personal touch go a long way towards developing necessary relationships within our communities?


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