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Test The Mann Gulch Disaster

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Case Analysis: Part C of Mid-Term Test The Mann Gulch Disaster Name: Suren Sachchithanantham Student #: 300545709 Course: MGMT 321 -101 Professor: Jai Goolsarran Due Date: October 25th, 2012 What conceptual blocks were experienced by the smokejumpers? The conceptual blocks that were experienced by the smokejumpers would be the first conceptual block is commitment where Dodge have seen that the fire crossed the gulch ahead of the crew and so he turned the his crew around and told them go towards up the hill.

Thus, the crew didn’t know why Dodge told them to go this way when it would be safer going to the river. Second Conceptual block would be Complacency. That’s when Dodge lit a fire in their escape path and told everyone to lie down in the area that already had been burned. But nobody listened to him and they all did the opposite of what he said. And they couldn’t understand why Dodge said that and they never thought by doing this could save their lives but they all got panicked and ran off.

Third conceptual block would be commitment where Dodge told his crew members to drop their tools when they could have used them to help them stay alive and prevent themselves from getting burned. Forth conceptual block is constancy that when smokejumpers assume the fire would be under control by 10:00 the next morning. But they all shouldn’t have assumed that the fire would be under controlled when12 of them had served in the military. What steps in analytical problem were skipped or short-circuited by the fire crew?

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The steps in analytical problem that were skipped or short-circuited by the fire crew would be the second step in the analytical problem solving of generating alternative solutions was short circuited because the fire crew members never planned or talked about any alternatives that could happen when they are fighting the fire. Perhaps they decided not to listen to Dodge because they couldn’t think straight. Instead they had time to eat dinner and take pictures where they could have used this time to figure out short term or long-term alternatives in this situation.

Another would be the fourth step in the analytical problem solving of implementing and follow up on the solution, which was also short circuited because they didn’t have any alternatives to choose from the follow up on. They didn’t prepare or provided feedback and couldn’t monitor anything because they were listening to the foreman and never shared their ideas or concerns. For instance, the smokejumpers are every highly skilled and trained for these sort of situations but they never thought of any circumstances that could happen in this case.

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