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Disaster Assessment and Recovery Plan

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In the given scenario, my establishment was badly damaged when the child of a customer left in a running vehicle; he accidentally shifted the car into forward, destroying the store’s main entrance causing enormous damages to my facility. Herewith is the disaster assessment and recovery plan for my business facility.

In assessing the damage, I need to identify what areas have been damaged, what products were affected, how much its estimated cost, was the damaged area repairable, how much might it costs, were there anyone hurt, what kind treatment they need, and how much would be the overall cost of the damaged items and products, the facility, and the injured customers. Initial assessment shows the glass towards the front and left side area was broken due to the impact of the car.

Many product items littered the floor and some in glass container were broken and two of the customers inside were hit by flying debris from the broken glass. The series of questions above could help determine not only the extent of the damages but also what course of actions are needed, and which one urgently needs attention. Obviously, the two customers who were hurt were the top priority as they urgently need to be brought to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the incident did not cause any problem on the power supply.

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However, there were some items that were broken and damaged including some frozen foods. Product items that were damaged or broken will be itemized and will be collected as part of data collection. In case the power supply was lost, all the perishable goods that could not be refrigerated will be considered damaged and will be charged to the owner of the car. After all the data is collected; it is time to evaluate these data to determine the exact overall costs of the incident.

The recovery plan Based on the results of disaster assessment, I need to appoint somebody who has a wide organizational influence to prepare a business contingency plan project and to manage it. His task includes insuring cooperation from other concern departments to make sure the on going project is properly funded and to provide strategic direction for the business. He or she will act as the contingency planning coordinator, who is responsible for the successful completion of the project.

I should then meet with him to define the scope of the project, the project timeline, and expectations. The repairs and completion of the project will take two weeks, which includes assessment of the overall cost of the damages. Next to this, the planning coordinator must select his team who will work with him. They should create the project plan to be implemented in managing the project and to execute this plan. He should oversee its implementation.

When everything is done and the business is back to its previous form, I should keep the contingency manager and his team in my business not only as a token of appreciation but knowing they can do great in my business. To avoid this incident to happen again, I would include in the project the construction of parking lot situated opposite the store with hump and support beam on the immediate perimeter of the building. I will also hire security guard to man and check the parking lot area to avoid the occurrence of similar incidence.

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