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Attention to the Personal Lives of Famous People

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As the coming age of mass media, almost everyone will unavoidablely be influenced by television, newspapers, and even the World Wide Web--the Internet. Famous people are the only group the masses most concern. Convenient media approaches make every day's behaviors of famous people available to average people. Commercial management of media brings about the excessive attention to the personal lives of famous people.

To begin with, after television and broadcast, Internet is becoming the most popular and convenient way for information. Because social celebrities are always the focus of news, many websites have to endeavor a lot to publish relevant news. Besides the convenient access to news, Internet is also a fascinating place where normal people can announce their opinions and communicate with each other without obstacles. So the personal lives of famous people could consistently be the hottest issue on the website.

Concerning the significant influence of famous people, several well-known news websites established special areas on its websites to provide up-to-date information about famous people’s personal lives. Not just what I have mentioned above, maybe someone merely cannot satisfy about these, and even several public figures start personal websites and blogs to cater for the appetite of the mass. According to recent news, the visit rate of the blog of Xu Jinglei, who is a famous actress in mainland of China, has broken through 1 billion.

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The blog memorizes almost every details about her work and usual life. In comparison, the relevant websites about mass health care and charity service are not that attractive. Moreover, some cunning news companies always exaggerate the plots about celebrities’ personal affairs for commercial purpose. By reading many different newspapers in USA, you will see that President Bush's pictures published can not be so funny. Those entire pictures exhibit the behaviors of Bush were so awkward and indecent.

Why do those newspaper's editors use such pictures? The answer can not be too clear. The editors want to allure as many people as possible by using the people's curiosity to famous people. Obviously, it is the audience who are the very motive for the excessive attention of the media. In conclusion, the convenient media approaches and the curiosity of ordinary people render the personal lives of famous people always open for discussing and debating, and media has pay too much attention about these.

Attention to the Personal Lives of Famous People essay

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