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Teens and Sex

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Persuasive Essay Teens and Sex Word Count: 871 Revised Persuasive Essay Teens and Sex The sexual activity of adolescences in America today is a critical issue that seems to be growing rapidly. With the mass media promoting almost every aspect of sex, teen sexuality has become one of the most important issues in our society. As society has entered into the age of “sexual revolution” in the twentieth century, children have grown more susceptible to the idea of sex. Regardless of parental guidance and educational programs, teenagers are still very curious.

Curiosity about sex and sexual activity is natural, but the lack of concern for consequences and irresponsible activity is dangerous. The increasing issue of adolescent sexual activity could have a powerful affect on their future, which includes sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), teen pregnancy, and even emotional instability. Curiosity about sexual activity is natural, but is the act normal in adolescents? Researchers have revealed that teenage sexual activity can expose new levels of intimacy; therefore, valuable lessons may be learned and different perspectives may develop, necessary for the understanding of the act.

This knowledge becomes practical later in life when meaningful lifelong commitments arise (Zorn, E. , 1998, July 20). Sexuality is complicated amongst adolescents, yet the knowledge about love, respect, and the experience may result in wiser decisions as adults. The fact is adolescents are looking to the adults in their lives for guidance, restrictions, and values. Teenage sex is normal; however, sometimes the act is a mistake and could change a life forever. This year 3 million sexually active teens, approximately 25%, are infected with a STD.

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About one-quarter of all new cases, occur in teenagers (Mayer, B. , 2005). The statistics indicate that sexual transmitted diseases infect over 8,000 teenagers everyday. STDs in sexually active teenagers produce astonishing statistics, which should be used in every phase of the educational process. With statistics at hand and deadly viruses on the rise, teenagers and their educators need to concentrate on the studies that are available to them. In 1994, the Journal f the American Medical Women's Association conducted a study which illustrated that, out of 25 reporting states, 193 teens between the ages of 15 and 19 had contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or better known today as the HIV virus. The same study was conducted again in 1998, with the same 25 reporting states and showed that 418 teens had contracted this fatal virus (“A Really Scary Adolescent Worry: HIV. ”, 2001, August 6). This particular study demonstrated that the number of infected teens had more then doubled within a four-year p.

This article is a freighting source that could keep teens consciously considering their decisions regarding sexual activities. There is a concern with not only STDs but also a concern for “kids raising kids”. Sexually active adolescences take a risk of becoming parents themselves. Teen pregnancy can complicate a young girl’s future hopes, dreams, and goals. A young girl who has a child before graduating from high school is less likely to complete school than one who does not have a child (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2002).

Anyone without a high school education in today’s society will find that obtaining a job with good wages and benefits is difficult. Young parents often have to depend on the means of others for the help needed in raising their children. Whether the support needed is financial or emotional, someone has to compensate for the mistakes of kids having kids. Social welfare, a government-funded program, can be an alternative for young parents with financial barriers. Looking at the broader spectrum and statistics, we may find that American citizens are likely to pay for the undereducated and underprivileged adolescences with children.

Society needs to protect teenagers from the risk of premature parenthood, and we need to protect the children they would struggle to raise. In addition to its role in promoting teen pregnancy and the current epidemic of STDs, early sexual activity is a substantial factor in undermining the emotional well-being of American teenagers (Rector, R. , Johnson, K. , & Noyes L. , 2005). Sexually active teens have an emotional instability, which could be one cause of teen suicide increases.

Most sexually active teenagers have a sense of regret in their decision to have intercourse with the majority wishing they had waited until they were older. Depression amongst sexually active teens could have come from the thought of multiple partners, a STD that they had contracted, or an abortion a young girl had to go through. There is a variety of causes for depression in teens, but sexual activity is one cause that with education, parental guidance, and abstinence could be reduced. Sexual activity in adolescences is an essential concern that society needs to address.

With the masses behind the promotion of sex and the miscommunication about sex to teenagers gives society a task that seems impossible. Educational programs that promote contraception are not enough with teenagers’ intense interest. Contraception will not prevent the physical and psychological effects surrounding sexually active teens. Several ways to limit sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies, and emotional instabilities in adolescents today is not only powerful parental reinforcement and intense sexual education programs, but also encouraging the idea of abstinence.

When exposing all three preventative elements, adolescents should become more aware and reluctant to their sexual surroundings. References Annie E. Casey Foundation. (2002). The facts of teen pregnancy: An overview. In M. H. Immell (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 7. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. Maher, B. (2005). Abstinence is the best message for teens. In C. Watkins (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 1. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. A really scary adolescent worry: HIV. 2001, August 6). U. S. News & World Report 131, 6. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. Rector, R. E. , Johnson, K. A. & Noyes, L. R. (2005). Sexually active teens are more likely to commit suicide. In J. Woodward (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 10. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. Zorn, E. (1998, July 20). Premarital teen sex is normal. In T. L. Roleff (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 15. Retrieved December 15, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database.

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