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Ted Talk Analysis

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Patricia Ryan talked about her experience in living and teaching english for over 30 years in the gulf where she has seen vast cultural and linguistic change. This strategy helped her build her credibility with the audiences. The topic of her speech at Ted was “Don’t Insist on English! ”. She addressed the question: Is the world’s focus on English preventing the spread of great ideas in other languages? The primary audience to her speech was English teachers. Patricia Ryan has the same background that helps the primary audience to relate to her.

There were many questions in her speech that trigger the audience to think, it created audience interaction in he speech. Although answers were not expected from the audiences, Patricia Ryan gradually reveals the solutions to the issues in a very well organized fashion throughout her speech. She opened her speech with a little bit of humours related to the topic, this helped the audience to loosen up a bit and ready to accept what she was trying to deliver while making her a likeable person to them.

She delivered a very persuasive speech with an indirect approach. First she revealed a prediction of how number of languages in the world will decrease overtime through globalization of English. She then supproted this claim with statistics. Throughout the speech Patricia Ryan told various kinds of facts that relates to the topic. Stories of actual events was her way of slowly persuading the audiences and selling her ideas. Since indirect approach is harder to follow and harder to understand, Patricia Ryan had all her facts and stories well organized.

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Every one of her facts and stories had a purpose of delivering her next point in her speech. Patricia Ryan’s communication style was ‘sell’. She was trying to sell an alternative ways of doing things. She persuade the audience through her credibility as a very experienced English teacher while staying modest throughout her speech. Her tone was very confident , persuasive, and sometime humourous. She tried to communicate with pictures sometimes funny pictures to attract audiences’ attention.

Her languange use was very clear and slow yet you can hear power in her speech. She used various natural body language. We find that Patricia Ryan’s speech was delivered in a very well organized manner and very persuasive. She was well qualified to deliver the speech with her vast experience in English teaching industry. With her credibility, the audiences who were mostly English teachers were easily relate and persuaded to her ideas. Supported by tatistics and facts while a little bit stories here and there helped her to further persuade the audience into her cause. These statistics and facts acted as her supporting arguments to her main idea. Indirect approach in this case was used successfully as in her way of delivering her ideas she showed many of those arguments and proofs to support her main idea at the conclusion of her speech. Her closing was emotional and interacted with the audiences’ spirit. Inviting them to her cause in a very persuasive and energetic way.

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