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Analyses on TED Talks

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Yet in terms of effectiveness and persuasiveness, Bale's is better than Whodunit in addressing the problem behind the Issue. Bales performs superior than Wooden as he Introduces the problem clearly and directly, which is more effective for audience to understand the topic. In the introduction part, both of them share their personal experiences to form a hook to draw audience's attention. Bales uses his personal experience for introduction. In his first sentence he says, "The Interest in contemporary forms of slavery started with leaflet that I picked up In London. Instead of directly stating the thesis of his speech, Bales draws the audience's attention by telling when his "interest in contemporary forms of slavery started. " Meanwhile, Wooden starts off with "The global challenge that I want to talk to you about today rarely makes the front pages. " She continues by showing her family group photo in front of Attainment and connects it with an example that happened in China. As an audience, I immediately know "slavery' will be the main topic throughout the speech of Bales and the question he raised - the possibility of having millions of slaves.

His move induces my personal feeling towards the Issue. When I am well informed of what I am going to analyze, I will be more attentive to listen to the speaker, so do other audience. On the other hand, Whodunit's introduction of saying the photo was taken two weeks ago in fact is amusing, but its correlation with her topic is not as strong as Bale's did. When Wooden Is showing her photograph, It takes time for the audience to find out the main topic of this performance, which is vague when audiences are watching live elk.

Furthermore, when we are comparing the two headings, "How to combat modern slavery" and "Our Century's greatest injustice", it simply shows the difference in terms of clearness and directness on the two topics. Therefore, I am persuaded by Bale's style as he has a better Introduction. Besides the Introduction, regarding whose skills on explaining claims and showing examples are more enhanced and convincing, Bale's do as he has structuralizes and clear organizations. The body paragraphs are the utmost important parts for an article, a speech, or a critique.

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It is cause through the development of body paragraphs, we can decide whether an argument is persuasive or not. Although the content of the two issues are different from one another, we may compare the speeches by their claims, examples and evidences. Truly, both of the orators enrich their ideas with impressive examples, but am more Inclined to those presented by Bales. Bales claims that "slavery is an economic crime and people are doing it to gain profits. Bales tries to prove that by saying, "slavery would be recognized throughout all of human history. Hence, Bales 1 OFF re enslaved in 2010 and the average price for one of them nowadays is Just about $90 dollars in average around the world. Steps by steps, he explains the situation of slavery and provides suggestion for solving the problem. Thus, audiences are convinced by his speech and acknowledge the seriousness of the problem. For Whodunit's speech, she is trying to raise people's awareness about the unfair situation on female, hence showing that the status of women should be upraised as it will benefit the whole global society by presenting how four girls "moved out of a vicious cycle and into a virtuous cycle.

In order words, there are four examples are explaining women are capable of acting the important roles in the society. Wooden does a great Job in explaining her thesis with the support of the examples, however I am not sure if she is objective enough. She does not mention the cases for male and the reasons behind why male are most likely showing upper status than female. In fact, taking about hegemonic masculinity may explain the condition in which men are dominant and privileged (Connell). If she can include such information, audience may have more opportunities to Judge the problem.

After comparing, I prefer how Bale does his speech, which is more detailed and persuasive. After raising people's awareness, both Bale and Wooden succeed in asking audience to call to action. All the hard works of the two speakers are to raise people's awareness towards the social issues. It is flog on dead horse if there's no further follow up - call to action. Bales narrates the story of a woman in Nepal which shows that we, people who got intellectual power, are the only hope to mitigate with slavery. Thus, he leaves audience the question, "Are we truly free?

Meanwhile, Wooden reflects it is more blessed for us if we can help others as well by quoting researches, which shows there are few things can elevate our level of happiness and one of them is to contribute a cause larger than ourselves. She demonstrates that it is a great opportunity for audience not to hesitate but to Join the movement. She also leaves a question for the audience to nibble at: "How do we discharge that responsibility? " Both of the two orators starts their speech by taking the personal experience as the hook, then adding examples and claims to strengthen their ideas.

At last, asking audience to show sympathy for the needy people. I believe from this act, audiences can be more motivated as knowing how the people are treated unfairly. In these two 220 minutes' talk shows, the audience is deeply engaged with these two global issues. Bales and Whodunit's sophisticated presentation skills raise our interest to further investigate the problems and the solutions. Dignity and rights of all members of human are the groundwork of freedom, Justice and peace in the world (Structure of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 2).

We are the lucky ones in his planet neither because of the ability to buy the latest tablet, nor enjoying a decent meal. We are lucky as we have the chance to study, have the chance to live in a safety place, and have the chance to not to be dead due to slavery or born in places with discrimination. Bale ends his speech, "Are we truly free if we are not thinking about these issues and help the needed ones? " We should constantly remind ourselves that we, as a responsible individual of this global community, should always take the initiatives to bail those who are underprivileged out from their predicaments.

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