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Technological Development

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The primary purpose off gas mask is to prevent deadly gases or poisonous material from accessing the lungs and attacking the person. It does not deliver its own oxygen supply, but cleans out the particles. They can also shield the face from any interaction poisons or gases. Machine Guns:

Until the machine gun was created, we only had rifles which was slow. You could only shoot one bullet at a time and then you had to load another bullet into the chamber using the bolt. When you used the bolt, it would refuse the consumed container shell and load the next one into the chamber. This had to be done for every shot fired, and was cumbersome and took time. The machine gun is designed to shoot continuously hundreds of ammunitions per minute. The outcome it had been was to execute a lot of soldiers and far more than ever could be killed by soldiers equipped with rifles.

An additional thing that help making the machine gun so effective was with the way the soldiers were trained to bring attack on the target. All of them would run toward the waves. This was in effect means when the adversary was only armed with rifles where you had to aim to shoot the enemy. But, when an army of running men encountered machine guns they were trimmed down effortlessly. These particular firepower might even have even played a part of bringing the war to an end. Telephone: The aim of the harmonic telegraph is to perceptibly connect with people ho are without reach straightaway.

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Before the telephone, long distance messages were through telegraph machines that were less efficient and took longer to get messages across because only dots and dashes at the time could be communicated. Telephones are predominantly used for fast communication and crises. The vital thing to medical survival in many bad conditions is for the wounded person to get medical assistance quickly. Back then before when the telephone wasn't invented, it was hard for people to get assistance quickly. Telephones allow for rapid immunization during normal catastrophes as well.

That way it is likely for the government to give warning to people of imminent disaster before they come. The telephone also has the function of easy conversation in average day's circumstances like calling to order items such as pies, cabs, pizza or flowers. People may talk in an ordinary way to discuss their lives Just as they would if they were at the same places. Radio: radio came out when televisions didn't exist, but it was used in a similar function as we use a TV currently, like being attentive to comedy shows and music.

When the TV was created, the radio lost its fame and popularity as a result of folks favored the TV more. However, radios were convenient that they became mainly used primarily for music shows and speaking. And, that their purpose nowadays. In today's world radio is free and this is a good thing because we are usually paying for some sort of entertainment. Moreover, if you are driving you can turn on the radio and get updated news on traffic Jams or being on the lookout and music that you can enjoy while driving.

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