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Tears of a Tiger Questions

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After the tragic accident, Andy isn't treated well by the people not close to him at school. Some people don't talk to him, others make rude comments. There are even some who won't even look at him in the halls. Everyone has the right to express their own opinion; however, they should look at the situation more carefully before lugging. It was Andy fault because he should not have been drinking and driving but, it was not intentional for Rob to die. 2. After the tragedy, death takes main focus in Andy life.

While all of Andy friends eventually get over the death of their reined, Andy does not move on. He continues to close up more and more and Just lets everything overwhelm him. He does go back into basketball as soon as he is allowed to. His grades also continue to slip. He feels this is the way to continue his life because all the blame is on him so it no longer matters. 3. Many things happen after the tragedy that leads to the gradual decline and loss of control in Andy life. Andy has agreed to continue his sessions at a therapist's office.

These are to help him open up and get him back to normal as much as possible to move on from the accident. However, after a while he fools the therapist and his parent's and teachers into believing that he is finally moving on from the accident. He doesn't hang out with his friends much anymore, and when he does he doesn't talk much about anything. After his break up with Geisha, he moves on past her and doesn't feel the need to talk to her anymore. His family and friends cannot help Andy, because he closes up with his friends and makes his parent's think he is getting better and does not say anything to them. 4.

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Tears of a Tiger Questions

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Andy final decision is seen as a coward's way out because instead of leaning with the accident and living through it and getting past it, he decides to take his life so he does not have to live with it any longer. It affects many people in his life. A) His parent's now have to deal with the loss of a kid and worry about how it will affect their other son. His parent's get a divorce and live in separate houses and his mother cries all the time. B) His brother Monty now has to go through life remembering what happened to his older brother. He has to grow up remembering his brother committed suicide and he has to learn to live with that.

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