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Team Reflection essay

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Learning Team Reflection
This week reflection paper Team A will discuss Total Quality Management (TQM) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Team A will discuss how TQM and ISO can improve an organization, the benefits, and challenges of each, and the role of the Quality Control departments in relation to either TQM and ISO. Team A will start with a definition of each. TQM

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TQM is defined as “managing the entire organization so that it excels on all dimensions of products and services that are important to the customer” (Jacob & Chase, 2011, pg. 286). TQM has two operational goals: 1.Extra care is taken in the design of the product or service 2.Ensuring that the organization’s system can produce consistently the design Both of these goals can be achieved if the entire organization is geared toward these goals. With this term, total quality management was founded. In 1980, TQM became a major concern because the Japanese showed superiority in manufacturing automobiles. The United States quality was so bad that it became national priority to improve the manufacturing in the United States. ISO

(ISO) is a “series of international standards for quality management and assurance designed to help companies document that they are maintaining an efficient quality system” (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, pg. 298). ISO is the idea behind every stage of business from design through manufacturing, installation, and servicing. ISO standards identify criteria to ensure that products leaving the facility meet the requirements of its customers. There are eight principles defined that are customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach decision making, and mutually
beneficial supplier relationships (Jacob & Chase, 2011). The idea behind the standards is that defects can be prevented through the planning process and application of best practices at every stage of business (Jacob & Chase, 2011). How TQM is used to improve an organization

Companies make good use of TQM, as a way to build up their revenue and to gain repeatable business. Businesses have used this process for a long period. Applying TQM also can be used to satisfy the customer, which increases business, and cut costs. TQM also has to do with empowering the workforce skills of individuals for effectiveness within the organization. TQM improve the products and services of the organization; improve employee attitudes, and enthusiasm. All of these help the ultimate goal of improved quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction, which is an important competitive advantage in today's marketplace. How ISO is used to improve an organization

TQM has been around for a while conforming to the standards of ISO should be one of the things an organization should take into consideration when enhancing the business. Businesses that use ISO have been proven to be better run, fewer problems, have less waste, get more repeat business, and have increased profits (Kurtus, 2001). ISO ensures that products and services are safe, reliable, and of good quality. For business, ISO are strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste, errors, and increasing productivity. They help companies to access new markets, level the playing field for developing countries, and facilitate free and fair global trade.

Benefits of TQM
Total Quality Management lowers the cost of internal or external structure of the business. The benefit of this is allowing department to use a richer form of communication and provides easier access to assess needs and problems through each department, that provides clearer solution without cutting cost in other arenas which are pertinent to company’s vitality. With this process, monies are maintained within the organization and additional departments are not losing efficiency or the ability to function in their
environment. Disadvantages

Resistance to change is a common disadvantage as individuals try to adapt to their roles. As companies apply these methods of change, workers assume their employment will be phased out considering new procedure, prior to the pass infrastructure process. Eventually employees are non-compliant and ultimately resigned their position costing the company more money to hire and train versus providing additional training that what be beneficial to all parties. Benefits of ISO

ISO emphasis is on work improvement, how to do business, educate, and document the process to eliminate waste, reduce cost in variation, corrective action, and employee morale. All items combined to improve the general process of the company and not omit customer satisfaction are imperative to conclude on errors or faulty material or products. ISO proactive comes from better communication from customer to employees. Disadvantages

ISO is used in many small business, the lack of knowledge and the capacity to meet the external requirements of the company and it consumers. Usually when ISO is implemented in small business, people are more prone to get laid off because the positions overlap one another, which does not assist with production it just makes is more difficult to incorporate into culture. Time and money are vital; with ISO the training and production turnaround time from six to 18 months to establish training begin everyday normal routines as it applies to ISO. In order to produce one must have the material to commence the task; however small business lack the ability to increased quantities of raw materials. Quality control is a process by which the quality of a product or service is maintained to a certain level. During this process a company will do what is needed to ensure that a certain quality standard, and to verify that the level is being met. Some of the specific items that are measured include: safeness, fiscally soundness, dependableness, and the level of satisfaction. These are all ways that the company can meet the needs of the customer ("Quality Control Department", 2013). Companies that participate in the quality control process are very
much concerned with the consumer and his or her needs. However, the requirements are ever changing, as the needs of the consumer are constantly changing. Identifying products or services that do not meet the company’s standards is one of the main goals of the quality control department. If there is a good or service that does not meet the standard is quality control department’s job to stop production until a resolution can be obtained ("Quality Control Department", 2013). TMQ describes a management approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction. With this method, all people are responsible for improving the process. All of the employees are empowered with the tools needed to satisfy its customers. The company will also do things that put the customer first, for example, upgrading the computer software, thus making it user-friendlier. This customer-center approach requires research, and processes implemented to ensure that not only is the customer happy, but that the customer continues to return ("Total Quality Management (TQM)", 2013). In business, today each company has to make certain that they have a good quality program in place and that it has a customer focus. The system has to be able to make improvements quickly without losing sight of the needs of the business. Each company must maintain a quality system in everyday business if they are to be competitive.

Jacob, F. R., ; Chase, R. (2011). Operations ; Supply Chain Management (13th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Kurtus, R. (2001). Comparing ISO 9000 and TQM. Retrieved from Quality Control Department. (2013). Retrieved from

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