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Taylor’s Scientific Management Principles

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“Maximum prosperity” means not only increase prosperity and productivity of employer or companies but the overall increase efficiency of the employees in form of higher wages, increase standard of living. Taylor’s stated that prosperity for the employer cannot exists for the long term unless it is accompanied with the prosperity of employees. This statement is very true because unless employees are not satisfied with their wages, working conditions etc. cannot give their best to the organization.

There are some of employers who believe in extracting largest amount of work from their employees at low wages indicates low profits in comparison to the employers who are more liberal towards their employees obtained more fruitful results because the employees do their work with full interest. It is completely true that company achieve its highest prosperity when he is making his largest daily output.

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For e.g. if a successful workman and employer in combination produces 2 pair of shoes in a minute while his competitor produces only 1 pair of shoes in exact time, it is very clear that the  previous workman will receive more wages than later because large profits earned by the  organization. Until both men and machine contribute their fullest capacity it is not possible to obtain highest productivity and to exist in competition around the organization and to achieve high prosperity. Therefore, we can say that there is direct relationship between high prosperity and high productivity.

There has been great impact of philosophy of maximum productivity results in maximum productivity on American society. The concept develops the attitude towards work in the employees and the worker. They were became more determined towards their work as they clearly known that their result bring them handsome wages. Therefore, in early sixties America was on the peak with the wealth and money, the policy of productivity was the main factor. This concept helps to create a sense of responsibility attitude in the mind of employees because there work was directly related to work. This also result in removing dull times, unemployment or underemployment, poverty. This would insure higher wages and make shorter working hours and better working and home conditions possible.

A scientific management deals with the development and coordination of the welfare of each and every individual in the organization. It has great impact even on development of management and workman by way of its principles. Taylor’s scientific ideas provided a catalyst for increasing the output of American factories beyond the promise and provided technological advancement. His principles also help in modifying the American education system by making better use of buildings and classrooms and by standardizing the work. It emphasis on evaluating teaching skills of teacher to determine whether the material used for teaching is appropriate or not and to standardize the system.

The Taylor’s principle helps to generate the law of efficiency in the organization which results in higher wages for higher work than other fellow workers and directly lead to increase in productivity. It provides more flexibility in developing method of production and to apply more dynamic operations. Earlier workers in the organization were not treated as human being but with the emergence of Taylor’s principles the importance of workmen in the industry increases manifold. They are provided with high wages, regular bonus, promotions, and other non-monetary benefits. He stressed upon the careful selection of employees which match the needs and requirements of the task and also on their training. New departments appeared like personnel and quality control in the organization which results in increasing the efficiency of an organization.

However instead of so much acceptability it faces certain criticism such as individual differences ignores the economic interests of workers and management and many more.


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