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SWOT Analysis – Wilson Family Peach Farm

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Dry. Jarred Wilson and his wife Susan Wilson, the Wilson Family Peach Farm is situated on 80 acres of land located northwest of Gainesville, Georgia and once operational will produce seven varieties of peaches and nectarines to provide a retirement occupation and supplemental income for the owners, Mr... And Mrs... Wilson (Peach and Apricot Farm Business Plan. 2004). Dry. Jarred Wilson has a well- established network within the state of Georgia and Mrs...

Susan Wilson has a longstanding relationship with the American Nutritional Educator Society of America tooth of which will allow connections to suppliers and distributors for their product. In order to evaluate the business potential of Dry. And Mrs... Willow's new venture it is important to compile a comprehensive and exhaustive look at the external and internal threats and resources through a SOOT analysis Cones, 2007). Strengths Opportunities Experienced leaders: Dry.

Jarred Wilson is an established horticulturist with 46 years of experience with soil, fruit research and extensive focus on producing quality and maturity standards for stone and citrus produce which will be the primary product of Wilson Farms. Mrs... Susan Wilson holds a Master's degree in nutrition from the University of Georgia. Physical Resources: The proposed location of the farm is in an area that receives plenty of sunlight, has excellent drainage and optimum soil pH which makes it one of the best areas in Georgia for growing peaches and other stone fruits.

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Small Leadership Team: The partnership between Dry. And Mrs... Wilson means that any adaptations that may need to be considered as the business evolves can be addressed quickly and decisively without waiting on a quarterly board meeting. New Products: With Mrs... Willow's strong background in nutrition, Wilson Farms could develop canned goods, peach based salsas and other fruit by products to help carry the business through the postseason. High Quality Product: Dry. Jarred Wilson will be able to produce a superior product than is being currently supplied in the area which along with Mrs...

Willow's business contacts could lead to additional requests for their product. Weakness Threats Market Saturation: The Willow's plan on selling their crop to local produce stands which are able to charge more for higher quality fruit. However with Peaches and other Citrus and tone fruits readily available in their current area these local stands may be resistant to switch from their current suppliers or unwilling to meet the Willow's price point if the stands can receive fruit of slightly lower quality for a significantly lower price.

Competition: As stated the farm has high capital costs, low margins and high intensity of SOOT Analysis - Wilson Family Peach Farm By mortgager low cost principal that must be applied to all aspects of the business. No Direct Marketing Experience: Neither Dry. Nor Mrs... Wilson have direct marketing experience and do not have a well thought out marketing plan. Market Demand: Seasonal demand for the product allows for portions of the year where the primary product is unable to be produced and yield income. Product: Although Dry. And Mrs...

Wilson are experts in their field and their peaches will be of a higher quality than those already in the market, the common purchaser may not be able to identify this crucial difference and therefore may not be willing to pay the higher price as they will not see the value. New Competitors: With 1300 established peach farmers in the area, the introduction of Wilson Farm's product if successful will spark the other farmers to adapt their supply to meet racket demand which may reduce the niche market share that is essential to their success (Peach and Apricot Farm Business Plan, 2004).

Economy: Although the economy is in a good place now, should it turn for the worse, the amount of money people will be willing to spend on high quality fruits and vegetables will be reconsidered and spent on items that are less expensive and still meet their needs. Environmental Considerations Environmental contributors such as pest infestations, droughts, unseasonable freezes and other natural occurrences could hinder the crop production and greatly effect arrives.

Although Dry. And Mrs... Wilson each have adequate knowledge that is beneficial toward their new business venture and have opportunities within the realms of product development, the lack of a marketing plan, high market saturation in the area, and their oversight of how to address the down time of the seasonal crop should be considered and addressed prior to the launch of their business.

Failure to realistically address the weaknesses and addressable threats could result in the need to apply additional capital that had not been previously allocated and in the vent the economy turns or there is a large pest infestation, the lack of additional products or services outside of peach production positions the farm in a very fragile state. References: Jones, G. R. (2007).

SWOT Analysis – Wilson Family Peach Farm essay

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