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SWOT Analysis by Winslow Taylor

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Frederick Winslow Taylor was an American mechanical engineer who had an idea of improving the industrial efficiency. F. W. Taylor as he commonly regarded as the father of the scientific management and was the first management consultants. He was the intellectual leader of the movement of the implementation of his ideas. Taylor’s ideas were meant to improve the management in the scientific field, though his ideas seemed to have a monographic favor on one side, it had also the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

SWOT analyses of Taylor’s Ideas F. Taylor did publish his work in 1911, in his publication regarding the scientific management; there some not SWOTs that are analyzable.

Strengths- His approach is regarded as the Taylor’s principles that were strong enough to salvage the management sector. Employee training- according to the Tailors principle, training of the employees individually through the scientific method was rather strong than the formally used method where employees were left to train themselves. This was strength as far as his principle is concerned as there could be a better understanding on how each employee is fairing and the effectiveness of the principle.

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SWOT Analysis by Winslow Taylor

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Scientifically training the workers would promote and improve the understanding concept of the management and work given hence increasing the production rate as well as the effectiveness.

Weakness- Replacing the rule of thumb with the scientific study: By replacing the rule of thumb with a scientific method of working would cause a misunderstanding on the concept of the principle among the employees as the change would on the other hand consume more time before its fully implemented.

The Taylor’s principle lack a clear method of motivating the employees and the managers’ relationship that would enhance a close relationship between them increasing the level of understanding on how each one of them would benefit from the other.

Opportunity- Division of work between the workers and managers: the division of work between the mangers and the employees will eliminate the viability in the results as each and every individual will perfect his position. This kind of division will enable the company or the concerned organization will be able to have an opportunity in increasing the business ahead of other businesses.

Threats- The implementation of the Taylor’s principles by all competing companies will bring in more competition among these bodies. This on the on the other hand may bring in the eradication of the traditions of training the employees therefore eradicating completely the way managers may help in motivating the employees.


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