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Survivor’s Quest

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For any of them to survive on a remote island, they would have to have the physical capacity to endure the harshness of the wilderness. They should also have the mental and emotional maturity to know when and how to help out and not be a burden to their group. They would have to learn how to live away from their comfort zone. The first best choice would be Father Franz, and not merely because he is a priest. He has the physical strength to live in that kind of environment and he has a farming background which will be of great help in terms of a sustainable food production for the group.

He would also be a good candidate to be the leader of the group and again, not just because he is a priest, but because of his being active in civil rights guarantees that he will be just and fair in relating with his islandmates. His being liberal also guarantees that his judgments will always be towards the good of them all; not restricted by religious his biases. His being a priest however makes him a better moral uplifter for them the survivors. The next good choice would be Mr. Blake. He is an outdoors man so his knowledge and skills would be essential for their survival.

His construction experience will also become handy in making a shelter for them. His prejudices against blacks however might become a problem for them. Dr. Gonzalez may be an experienced doctor, a skill that would be of great value to all of them in the island. However, he is old, and has already lived a full life. Mr. Newton on the other hand, still has one year to finish in med school. What he has learned in school cannot compare to what Dr. Gonzalez has learned through years of medical practice. However, he is young and can still keep on learning.

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Provided that he did his homework back in school, what he has learned should be enough for him to be able to treat any ailments and injuries his co-survivors might acquire while they are at the island. He will suddenly be able to put what he has learned in practice. Therefore, Mr. Newton should be allowed on the boat. The two children: Jean Garcia and Bobby Dane should also be allowed on the boat. They are very young and should have the privilege to experience life. But at their age, for them to survive on the island, they would need their parents to nurture them.

It was not indicated specifically whether Mrs. Garcia is indeed Jean’s mother. Assuming that she is, she might not have much to present in terms of intelligence and regarding her past, unlike most of the other candidates who has many achievements to enumerate, but she is Jean’s mother, therefore she should be given the chance to raise her child the way she sees fit. Bobby on the other hand is a special case. His condition requires someone to take care of unconditionally him in long terms. That role would be best fulfilled by his parents. His mother should be the best candidate for that.

However, she is diabetic. Her condition makes her very fragile especially in a remote island where she would not receive her proper treatment. She might not live long enough to take care of her son. Therefore his father, Dr. Dane should be allowed on the boat instead. He is physically healthy to live long enough to care for Bobby. For such a varied group of people to survive and live together on a remote island, they should all be matured enough to disregard their religious and racial ideologies. They should learn to work and cooperate with each other in order to live harmoniously.

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