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Sunfeast Yippee

Message Health was chosen as the platform, along with asupporting claim for taste. People who were healthyand energetic were concerned about the long-termprospects of their health. Thus ? Health? ? is related to maintenance of good health ? is applicable to all members of the family ? is characterized by lively energetic people, andgrowing children’s.

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? Thus the message and (positioning): ? its hot and wet. Media Primary media: Television ad 30 seconds. Print ad, shop adsProject at schools ,and 2tier cities.

Just noticeable difference. Supermarket and big bazar. Measurement ? Within 6 months, SunfeastYippee became thelargest growing noodles in Fmcgsector. ? Redefined the category and expanded the ITC Fmcgsegment from 2. 71% to 23% in 6 months. ? Now the largest selling ITC Fmcgbrand holds 6% of branded noodle market. ? Greatest achievement ? in one month Yippeepenetrated 50% of noodle market. Sunfeast Yippee Noodles| Parent Company| ITC| Category| Food Products| Sector| Food Products| Tagline/ Slogan| The better noodles; Spread the smile|

USP| Instant noodles with different tastes| STP| Segment| People looking for a healthy snack when hungry| Target Group| Young people and children from upper and middle class| Positioning| Sunfeast Yippee noodles do not lump even 30 minutes after cooking| SWOT Analysis| Strength| 1. Good advertising and visibility2. Good product distribution and availability3. Lots of flavors and varieties available| Weakness| 1. Media generated news about health issues2. Brand loyalty of Maggi is tremendous| Opportunity| 1.

Untapped rural markets2. DINKS, single professionals3. Newer tastes| Threats| 1. Price wars with other noodle brands| Competition| Competitors| 1. Maggi| http://www. afaqs. com/advertising/storyboard/index. html? id=3387 A kid is standing in one corner of the room holding his ears (as a form of punishment). | His mother is getting ready to prepare noodles. | Seeing his mother prepare noodles, he asks his dad who is sitting nearby “Usually achi cheeze round hoti hain na? “| The dad doesn’t really agree to this. The kid starts giving examples, saying that if car tyres weren’t round then would the car work? , the sun, moon and the world are all round as well. | The father sticking to his point says “Lekin yeh room to square hai”. | The son confidently says “round hota to”, when suddenly the mother interrupts and says, then a naughty boy like him wouldn’t be punished in a corner … | … and that if his Sunfeast yippee wasn’t round then he wouldn’t be able to eat long noodles| VO: Naya Sunfeast yippee. Sabse alag round shape main. So no breaking aur mile really long noodles. |