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Stage Theories of Development

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Although all psychologists agree that people change over time, they disagree considerably over how to conceptualize those changes. One group sees us as changing gradually with age; the other school of thought sees people as going through a series of abrupt changes form one stage to the next.

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Stage Theories of Development

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. Those who see stages in development typically lean toward a view in which behavior "unfolds" over time, largely due to biological maturation.

Stage theorists believe that: 0 the changes occurring from one stage to the next make children qualitatively different rather than quantitatively from how they were at a previous stage. All children must pass through the same qualitatively different stages in the same order. In addition, they believe that a child cannot progress to the next stage until the current one has been mastered. Stage Theories of Moral Development Two theorists have provided us with stage theories of moral development that are related to Piglet's theory of cognitive development. 1.

Theorist: Lawrence Goldberg Born on 1927 and died on 1987 Theory: (1969) He collected data for his stage theory of moral development by presenting boys with moral dilemmas and asking for evaluations of the people and action involved. Example of the type of dilemma used by Goldberg: 0 In Europe, a lady was dying because she was very sick. There was one drug that the doctors said might save her. This medicine was discovered y a man living in the same town. It cost him $200 to make it, but he charged $2,000 for Just a little of it.

The sick lady husband, Heinz, tried to borrow enough money to buy the drug. He went to everyone he knew to borrow the money. He told the man who made the drug that his wife was dying and asked him to sell the medicine cheaper or let him pay later. But the man said, "No, I made the drug and I'm going to make money from it. " So Heinz broke into the store and stole the drug

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