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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is life threatening due to the fact that y the time you can see it, it is too late. To define lung cancer more there are TV'0 ma jar types: Small cell lung cancer and monsoonal cell lung cancer. This paper will be go MO re indented on the study of small cell lung cancer. (1) Small cell lung cancer, also known as CLC, is 15% of all lung cancers. Men are more suitable to it than women and is almost always is a smoker. CLC cancel known to be very aggressive due to the speed of redevelopment of cells and TTS ability to spread.

Although the tumors start in the lungs they usually migrate to the bra in, liver, ND bones. (2) The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines small cell lung cancer 'cancer of a highly malignant form that affects the lungs, tends to metastasis to other Small Cell Lung Cancer Essay 2 parts of the body, and is characterized by small round or oval cells which Reese amble oat grains and have little cytoplasm'. (3) Doctors use several methods to test someone and stage their CLC. The stags Eng tactics help show where the cancer has spread and how to treat it.

MR., CAT, PET, and Bone scans are used in his staging process. Each scan gives a new look and all of hem put together determine if there is spreading and more tumors. Spreads Eng can be caused by getting into the blood, lymph, or tissue and moving around. Two SST ages of the cancer are Limited stage CLC and Extensiveness's CLC. When it is limited it means it has either stayed in the lungs or spread to under the collarbone, but once t he cancer spreads above the collarbone and other places in the body it becomes extents eve. (4) It is difficult to treat CLC due to the lateness of the diagnostic.

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Doctors use chemotherapy pills that must be either swallowed or injected into the body. Most patients can not use surgery due to how many tumors they have and so they rely on radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These therapies usually only lessen the symptoms. (2) The Chemotherapy uses drug combinations of Capitalist and EOT upside, Carbonization and Topside, Capitalist and Orientation, and Carbonization and ARIN toecap. If this first round does not work drugs will be modified. (5) With all the technology humans have still can't cure cancer. We can stage it an d we can prolong death, but we can't cure it.

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