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Short Essays on Reading

Inquiry Question: Does an online bachelors degree have the same quality as a bachelors degree at a physical university/ college? I am considering a few different professionals when it comes to interviews.One person that interest me is Professor Leonard Albright.This is because he teaches a wide variety of classes, all of which are in education.

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The other person I cam interested in interviewing is Dan Robinson the director of the education department at CSU.

He would be acceptable candidate because he deals with not only students within the department but branches out to other institutions of higher learning. I am also considering talking to a worker at the administration office. This is because they deal with not only incoming students from high school, but also graduate students seeking different types of education. I may also try to find a graduate of both a bachelors degree from an institution and a graduate from an online university. This is because they have first hand experiences with the programs.

The final person I am interested in interviewing is someone who works for an online education program. They have experience with their online programs, and can give a well detailed input to how their students earn a degree. This list of professionals are stakeholders because they are the ones dealing with higher education, and weather or not they can have enough eligible students that can take on the real word. To get in contact with these professionals I am going to send out emails of my inquiry question.

I will also explain the project and why it is worth their time to answer a few question I have. Some of the online institutions also have numbers where you can reach their workers, professors, and directors. So i will be able to call them asking for an interview. Some of my questions will include the following: 1. How many classes/ and or credits does one need to complete to earn a bachelors degree at your institution? 2. Do you notice any positive or negative effects from any of the classes offered to your students? . Was there any outside factors that drove students to come to this institution? (money, family background ect.. ) 4. Do you believe that the education today in too challenging, just right, or too easy for todays graduates? 5. What credits can transfer equally to your university? (i. e online to an actual institution or an institution to online. ) 6. Do you recommend taking college credits online? 7. How many of your alumni with bachelors degrees have an income, or decently paying job in their degree?

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