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What makes the nurse from Romeo & Juliet interesting character?

About the nurse, she mostly takes care of Juliet in her early stages of life. In the beginning of the play she is classified as the comic relief character. The definition of a comic relief character, is a character that brings comedy throughout a tragic play to make the audience more lightened up. Juliet's nurse is an engaging character, she was supportive about Romeo and Juliet's relationship. The only thing that the nurse wants from Juliet is to keep her happy and healthy. I don't approve the nurse decision being helpful about

Romeo and Juliet's relationship.

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Currently, I haven’t read that much in the play of Romeo and Juliet. In the beginning of the plot there were these two men beginning to start a sword fight. Then, the prince came in and said enough is enough one of the families has got to go, because he wanted to keep the community peaceful. After that Romeo was feeling despondent because his love of his life left him. Benvolio tells Romeo that he needs to

grow up and move onto your life. Later on, Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio went to the Capulet’s party to see girls for Romeo. During the party, Romeo falls in love with Juliet, and they kissed within a few minutes. After that, they promised that they will see each other again. Once they got to see each other again; Romeo wanted to change his name, and Juilet wanted to prove that Romeo loves her. Then, they said they’re going to get married Sunday morning. When Sunday morning roll around they got married.

The nurse is a comic relief character which means she’s a comedian in a tragic Play, this is one of her comedic lines, “An a' speak anything against me, I'll take him down, an a' were lustier than he is, and twenty such Jacks; and if I cannot, I'll find those that shall. Scurvy knave! I am none of his flirt-gills; I am none of his skains-mates. And thou must stand by too, and suffer every knave to use me at his pleasure?” Page 49.

Generally, she’s a mother figure, and a loyal person towards Juliet. She secretly supports Juliet’s relationship with Romeo. But she was aware that Juilet is in love with a Moatague, “His name is Romeo, and a Montague, The only son of your great enemy.” Page 33. Later in the play, the nurse helped arranged the wedding for Romeo and Juliet. It will impact on Juliet, because Juilet trusts the nurse a lot. She will listen what the nurse tells her what to do, because later in the play after Romeo and Juilet got married, the nurse told Juilet to betray Romeo. The nurse impacted the story, because Juliet was happy being with Romeo. But, after act two, the nurse just switched sides.

The reason why I don’t agree with the nurse’s actions or her decisions, is because she only wants Juilet to be happy. She could’ve told Juliet that she’s not allowed to date a Montague. Maybe, If she prevented Juliet from marrying Romeo, probably they wouldn’t die. It would’ve been better if the nurse tells Juliet to leave Romeo alone than betraying him after act two. Plus, she helped Juliet with the wedding. That’s why the nurse made an impact because she abetted Juliet into marrying Romeo. Her character seems to be a bit odd, mostly because after what she did. In my point of view I think that she's a hypocrite, but I don't really know that she is a hypocrite or not.

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